Happy Geek Pride Day, nerds!

It’s a perfect day to listen to Dana, Peter and myself geek out about Game of Thrones. Thank goodness the sixth season is giving us so much in the way of new detail and a bounty of gratifying story-telling. It makes these podcasts a lot more fun (and way less rage-filled).

Last week on Episode 4: Book of the Stranger, we saw the long-awaited reunion of two of the Starks. I was verklempt. I honestly believed that would never happen. In addition, we had the distinctly inspiring pleasure of seeing our Khaleesi set the roof, the wall and a bunch of super rapey, misogynistic Khals on FIRE. Buh bye. Click here to listen to Game of Thrones S6 E4 Podcast: Khal Kabobs.

On the tail of Dany’s Unburnt epicness, in Episode 5: The Door, we finally learn how Wylis became Hodor. I just can’t even. As incredibly profound as that moment is for the character of Hodor, Bran and the series’ narrative, I was most impressed by Sansa’s scene. Last season, I almost, actually, like for real quit the show when she was raped by Ramsay. Finally, we get a real acknowledgement of her trauma from HER perspective. It was powerful and needed. We jump right into Hodor’s story and all the rest in Game of Thrones S6 E5 Podcast: Hold The Door.

Sansa Stark
“Do you want to know about my wedding night?”

Sound off in the comments on what you think about the sixth season of Game of Thrones! I will totally read your comment on the next podcast. And, if you have contributions, corrections or further clarification on anything that we discuss on the podcast — tell me that, too. We will honor you with many podcast mentions. Happy listening!

Don’t forget! Go forth, be geeky, be proud today… and everyday.

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