*When I talk about Game of Thrones, there will always be SPOILERS!*

This season of Game of Thrones is moving along quite nicely. In its entire run, I don’t believe there’s been a season with such stellar pacing and momentum. It’s going so smoothly that I think we might actually, FINALLY see…  Lady Stoneheart.

Last week on the podcast, I’d actually given up hope. But, upon further reflection (and after watching Episode 6), there is such a strong focus on the Riverlands that has been absent for two seasons. We saw Walder Frey again for (maybe?) the first time SINCE the Red Wedding. And according to old evil Frey, the Brotherhood Without Banners is out there killing people. Hmm. I wonder who is leading them? Let’s not forget that Brienne is on her way to the Riverlands. So is Jaime. Lastly, they’ve introduced a sort of cognitive time-travel via Bran. Perhaps he’ll have a flashback of his mom being resurrected. Seems like a perfect storm to me.

Anywho, Arya’s storyline finally got the proper rebellious spirit we’ve been waiting for. Her spit and fire has been a shining star for the series, and all this “a girl has no name” bullshit was getting kind of boring. So, welcome back Needle, and we look forward to the third littlest Stark giving that Waif bitch what’s what (and everyone else on that list).

There are lots of other goodies in this episode (OMG Cold Hands aka Benjen Stark!), so enough with the typing and you guys get to listening to the talking.

Podcast for Game of Thrones Season Six, Episode Six, Blood of My Blood.

Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to post your comments, questions or fan theories below, and we will respond on the next show!

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