Game of Thrones Podcast: Sansa’s Smile


Got it?


The past couple of episodes of Game of Thrones have been mostly set-up with very little momentum. That’s why I didn’t do a write-up on last week’s podcast. Although, the return of Arya Stark of Winterfell was wonderful (and I predicted it). Just saying.

This week was the Battle of the Bastards, and it was EPIC. Seriously. I don’t mean that in the hipster, hyperbolic kind of way. The battle between Jon Snow’s army and Ramsay Bolton’s army was incredibly choreographed. It depicted the chaos and horror of battle so well that it had me shaking with adrenaline.

It didn’t hurt that the battle was preempted by Daenarys and her dragons lighting the slavers on fire. We started the episode with a win for the good guys. And we ended it with a pure, unadulterated win for Sansa Stark. I condone the revenge fantasy of this episode. It may not make what happened to her last season ever sit well with me, but seeing Ramsay literally get his face eaten was nothing short of glorious.

What could possibly top that? Only Sansa’s satisfied smile as her sadistic husband is erased from life.

sansa smiles

The all-around bent of the show leaning towards the favor of female characters has also got me excited. In general, the women of Game Of Thrones are treated like chattel, toys and ornaments. To see the level of agency turned up to actual human beingness for characters like Sansa, Yara, Arya and even Dany (despite her previous triumphs) definitely turns my quitting-the-show threat level down to like… yellow. Also, it’s fiction. We can make the girls do whatever we want. So, make them people.

Anyway, while we’re (I mean me) waiting for the Lady Stoneheart reveal next week, listen to me, Dana and Peter get way more excited than what is appropriate for adults about the Battle of the Bastards! Check it.

One more thing… YARA & DANY 4EVA!



3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Podcast: Sansa’s Smile

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  3. You should NOT take the Lord’s Name in vain, dear.
    How would you like it if people swore at your mum
    all day? Same thing. Dont do it anymoe.

    I’d loooove to see you
    in the Great Beyond
    to kiss thy feets…
    yet, how can I if you dont yet
    know the Way home?
    Take my hand, dear…

    Google+: kold_kadavr _flatliner


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