About Us

Girls Gone Geek will always be the domain of Erika Peterman and Vanessa Gabriel, two fangirls with as many opinions as comic books. Contributor extraordinaire Lindsey Morris graced Girls Gone Geek from time to time with her comic shop wit and wisdom. Both, Vanessa and Erika contributed comics reviews for Newsarama’s Best Shots Reviews, and Lindsey contributed at The Beat. You can currently listen to Vanessa talk about about Game of Thrones and other nerd things on the Stimulated Boredom podcast.

Vanessa, Lindsey, Erika
Vanessa, Lindsey, Erika circa 2013

E.’s love affair with the spinner rack dates back to the Carter Administration, as in Jimmy and Lynda. Raised on Archie, pre-Crisis DC and the Star Wars trilogy, E. holds comics partly to blame for her decision to pursue a journalism career, and she is proud of the fact that her kids can identify each Robin. Whether on deadline or the treadmill, she has been known to say, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

V. was raised by a pack of wolves in the harsh wilderness of New Zealand. This instilled in her a deep love of dogs, but the boys in the pack were not so accepting. They frowned upon her alpha tendencies. (The trauma of wolf rejection is directly responsible for her obsession with sparkly, Volvo-driving vampires.) Refusing to conform, she set off to live among her fellow Homo sapiens. Civilized by Wonder Woman reruns and her Philosophy studies, she remained a rebel at heart. V. met her iconoclastic soul-mates in Gail Simone’s Birds of Prey. Seemingly validated, she has since voraciously read every comic book she could get her hands on. Nurturing her offspring and snapping her fingers in hopes of a “miracle” keep her plenty busy, but occasionally she can be overheard at the pub proclaiming, “I would have broken Max Lord’s neck, too!”

L. was brought up in the drrty south and raised by comic books and a bottle of whisky. Renowned for her ability to weave a tapestry of expletives unlike anything you have heard before, L. travels the world doing important ramen research with her fennec fox, Oppenheimer. You can find them on any given day slurping noodles and drinking sake in a dimly lit corner booth.

While her current whereabouts are unknown and subject to frequent change, we have heard rumors that she is soon to fly home because, “Winter is here.”