Comics You Should Be Reading: Back In The Saddle Edition

The ladies of G3 get caught up on their favorite comics.

Hey nerds!

It’s been awhile. We know. Let’s just say we’ve been busy doing life, and all three of us are guilty of falling behind on our monthly comic book reading duties.

In an effort to get back in the saddle, we each went through our mounting stash of unread comics. We chose the two titles that we absolutely can’t wait to read and stand out among the rest. So, when your real-life responsibilities get you behind on your comics, in the very little in between time, these are the comics you should be reading. Continue reading “Comics You Should Be Reading: Back In The Saddle Edition”

Panel of the Week: Betty Grows a Spine

Oh, snap!

In a previous post, I provided ample evidence that Veronica Lodge is the worst best friend in comics. I also issued a plea for Betty to, once and for all, tell that backstabbing, entitled heifer where to go after decades of this nonsense. She finally did, and it was fantastic. (Spoiler Alert) Continue reading “Panel of the Week: Betty Grows a Spine”

5 Quotes Worth Remembering From SENYC

L. fondly recalls SENYC’s Reimagining the Female Superhero panel with new quotes from Gail Simone, Amy Reeder, and more!

… And they’re all from the Reimagining the Female Superhero panel!

It’s Throwback Thursday here at Girls Gone Geek, and I wanted to share a few new quotes from the panel that made the trip to SENYC worth it.


By Alison Bechdel
By Alison Bechdel

On the Bechdel Test:
“I think there’s a lot of dismissal of things that do pass [The Bechdel Test]. If you have a buddy cop movie about men, then it’s a buddy cop movie. If you have a buddy cop movie about women, it’s a chick flick. If you have a coming of age story about a boy, then it’s a coming of age story, if it’s about a girl it’s a chick flick. If it’s about a father and son relationship, it’s a father and son movie, if it’s a mother and daughter, it’s a chick flick. And I’m tired of it!” – Marguerite Bennett

On creating accurate representations of women:
“You can get a female character up on a pedestal so high, that they’re actually boring to read about. Once in a while a female character is going to want to go on a date – it doesn’t make them less strong. They’re gonna cry – it doesn’t make them less strong. There are lots of kinds of strength, let’s explore them.” – Gail Simone


On representation and diversity in comics:
“I think it’s a little strange that there are so many new stories coming out… but so few people of color in them. Because you can do that, you know.” – Amy Reeder

LadySkrullOn how poorly women have been written in the past:
“[Jack Kirby and Stan Lee] found it easier to identify with Skrulls than with women.” – Ben Saunders

On Wonder Woman:
“I think Wonder Woman is the strongest warrior on the planet, and maybe the universe.

She’s not gonna pull punches. And if you want to defeat her, you better not pull yours.” – Gail Simone

Wonder Woman by Marcio Takara
Wonder Woman by Marcio Takara

Friday Favorite: Starling

There was tons of skepticism about DC’s new books, and Birds of Prey was no exception. How could you take a perfect formula, Gail’s Dinah, Babs, and Zinda, and just change it? Well, even loaded with all the skepticism this fangirl could muster, I like the new Birds of Prey. I like it because of Starling.

I knew Starling was a pistol as soon as she burst onto the scene. And by burst I mean drove an antique car through the wall of a church. She’s a girl after my own heart. Continue reading “Friday Favorite: Starling”

Friday Favorite: Wonder Woman

THAT is a warrior princess.

When we started doing Friday Favorites here at G3, the concept was more about featuring B-list characters that we loved. We wanted to shine a light where it isn’t always shining. But this Friday, I want to honor the leading lady of comics because she deserves it. More specifically, I’d like to honor Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s Wonder Woman. She is the Wonder Woman I have been waiting for. Continue reading “Friday Favorite: Wonder Woman”

Friday Favorite: Spy Smasher

“They call me the Spy Smasher because I kill terrorists, and those who wish harm against our country. You will never, ever be in a room with anyone of a higher authority. Not if you live to be a hundred.”

Combine every relentless hardass you’ve ever known, add a dose of supreme confidence and combat training, provide scary federal credentials, and put it all in one intimidating package topped off with a severe ponytail. The result? Katrina Armstrong, aka Spy Smasher. Continue reading “Friday Favorite: Spy Smasher”

Friday Favorite: POYO

“Concentrated mayhem. Feathers, rage, and hate.”

Hatched from the minds of The Mighty Layman and Rob Guillory, he is a chicken of few words. Well, no words, actually. He is a chicken. BUT! That doesn’t stop him from being one of the greatest comic book characters of all time. Brought to you by CHEW and the letter K (for killer-chicken). On this fine Friday the 13th, I give you  … POYO!

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Friday Favorite: Damian

Small, mighty, and mouthy. Art by Minuiko.

No, I’m not kidding.

It’s no secret that I’m a Robin(s) fan, but perhaps even more than Jason Todd, Damian Wayne is controversial among the Bat-faithful. There’s no middle ground with him, and the readers who loathe him really loathe him. I understand that because, let’s be honest; Damian is — to borrow a word from our British friends — a little sod. Continue reading “Friday Favorite: Damian”

Friday Favorite: Cheryl Blossom

I'd hate me, too.

Veronica Lodge has the sassy, rich vixen role on lock most of the time, but whenever bombshell Cheryl Blossom sashays into Riverdale, it is Game Over. Even worse for Miss Lodge’s considerable ego, Cheryl knows she is hot with her red hair, dangerous curves, and short skirts — and she flaunts her assets with no apology. It’s quite a feat to make Betty and Veronica look plain.

Loving Betty (and I do) is politically correct, but Cheryl is really my favorite Archie Comics female character. She’s a brash bad girl, and something about that always appealed to me as a reserved type who wore Keds instead of Candie’s (the “fast girl” shoes of the late ’70s and early ’80s).

Plenty went over my head when I was in elementary school, but looking back, I’m struck by what a sexual character Cheryl is in the relatively tame Archie universe. I mean, in her very first comics appearance, she comes thisclose to taking off the top half of her tiny bikini on a public beach — just for kicks! This sends poor Betty into a hyperventilating panic. Continue reading “Friday Favorite: Cheryl Blossom”

Friday Favorite: Katchoo

She’s an anger ball of libertine goodness.

Admittedly, I am partial to capes and tights, but we all know there is so much comic goodness out there that doesn’t have an inch of spandex in its pages. Recently, my LCS owner encouraged me to read Strangers in Paradise, a title I was aware of, but hadn’t had much interest in. He loaned me the first trade, and I thought it was an absolute hoot.

The characters are ostentatious stereotypes of men and women. On a normal day, that would probably irritate me. But it is so over the top, it ends up being amusing and adds a dash of excitement to the book. The character with the most flair is Katina Choovanski. Her friends call her Katchoo. Continue reading “Friday Favorite: Katchoo”

Friday Favorite: Ravager

She’s inappropriate, bitchy, and a little too fond of problem-solving through violence, but I ♥ Ravager.

Every superhero team needs a rabble-rouser, and Ms. Rose Wilson fills that role for the Teen Titans with verve. As the offpsring of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke), she has enough dysfunction for several lifetimes. She’s also grown to become a valuable member of the Titans, and even her good-girl nemesis Cassie (Wonder Girl) has grown to value her battle prowess. Continue reading “Friday Favorite: Ravager”

Friday Favorite: Darla Danberry

V. hearts Darla

Holy Hipster Batman!

She’s saucy, bossy, and possesses the most glorious potty-mouth in South Jersey. She reminds me of ME when I was sixteen. Yeah, sure, I was something of a teenage terror, but Darla Danberry and I would have been fast friends. Few things trumped getting into the hottest party in the city. Her freckle-faced disregard for authority and misguided ambition sings to my club chick soul. Continue reading “Friday Favorite: Darla Danberry”

Friday Favorite: Creote & Savant

Vanessa G’s favorite panel of the week.

Whether it is intended or not, comic books are often a socio-political commentary. The art and stories are a reflection of culture and current events. While much ado has been made about the treatment and portrayal of female characters in comics, there is much to be said about LGBT characters or rather, the lack thereof.

More recently, mainstream comic books have seen plenty of lesbian love, and perhaps that provides extended shower time for the “target demographic.” But, we all know that people who read comics are a much more diverse and intellectual bunch than the stereotype of your middle-aged, straight white guy.

Based on the human population at large, there is a disproportionately low number of gay characters in comics, particularly gay male characters. Continue reading “Friday Favorite: Creote & Savant”

Friday Favorite: Guy Gardner

Vanessa G. loves her some Guy Gardner.

He’s saucy to the tenth power in a gritty-I’ll-kick-your-ass kind of way. Despite his tough exterior and hot temper, he’s got a heart of gold. He’s the guy you want as your best friend. I’d say Kyle Rayner is one lucky mofo.

Guy Gardner is what the kids call a good time. I imagine him with a ring in one hand and a drink in another. His brash personality and general trash talking makes me wanna toss back a few with him at some random space bar. Continue reading “Friday Favorite: Guy Gardner”