Why ‘Twilight’ is all right with me

This post is Part 2 of G3's response to Twi-Hater nation. Check out V.'s previous essay here. Every other week or so, an anti-Twilight zinger presents itself during my regular pop culture and social media consumption, usually followed by a stream of ha-ha-Twilight-sux commentary from people who are vigilant about telling us that a harmless... Continue Reading →

You Are Cordially Invited

Oblivious to our torches and pitchforks, DC is (apparently) pairing Wonder Woman and Aquaman for the upcoming Flashpoint event. Their union will save the world! Whatever. Our investment in BatWondy remains strong and, as should now be obvious, constant. A while back, I stumbled across illustrator Luckico's DeviantArt page and adored many of her pieces.... Continue Reading →

On the Eleventh Day of BatWondy …

These illustrations by Forever Jaded are like Powerpuff Girls meet the Justice League. So freakin' cute! I can see a whole Bruce Loves Diana cartoon series, complete with a catchy theme song by a Japanese pop group.

On the Eighth Day of BatWondy …

Sweet mother of Artemis, this is sexy. Check Diana's sultry pose, the way she leans in and gets all Marilyn Monroe with it. This image, by Amorimxx via Deviant Art, gives us juuuust enough to wonder whether she's going to kiss him or whisper some sweet nothings about what's gonna jump off in the JLA... Continue Reading →

On the Seventh Day of BatWondy …

Since it was Nicola Scott's art from Wonder Woman: Blackest Night that got us all hopped up to begin with, it's only appropriate to include this pop art homage to one of her loveliest panels from that series. Remember, back in WW:BN, we learned that Diana had a deep, if unspoken, romantic connection with Batman.... Continue Reading →

On the Fifth Day of BatWondy …

  Who knew action figures could be so romantic? Arnold Ho posed BatWondy perfectly on his Flickr page. It's intimate, yet somehow heroic. And don't they look happy together? Well, as happy as Batman can be.

On the Third Day of BatWondy …

Hera bless the Internets. While DC isn't ready to commit to BatWondy, fans of this superpairing sure are  — and they've got the fan art to prove it. These two have inspired quite a bit of creativity, and we've culled some of the best for your viewing pleasure. This Photoshopped image from The Heretics Blog, which... Continue Reading →

Twelve Days of BatWondy!

As part of our ongoing campaign for DC to make Wonder Woman and Batman a proper supercouple, V. and I are launching the Girls Gone Geek Twelve Days of BatWondy. We’re of the opinion that these two are perfect for one another, and after so many moments of innuendo and imagined make-out sessions, it’s time... Continue Reading →

G3 Review: Twilight – The Graphic Novel

This is a big week for the Twilight franchise with the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD and Twilight: The Graphic Novel. I pre-ordered both, and I’ve been hitting up the UPS site regularly to track my packages. I was beyond thrilled on Wednesday when I saw that the graphic novel had been... Continue Reading →

A Twi-Meh Comes to Bella Swan’s Defense

Can we stop with the Bella-bashing, already? Let me be clear: I've read three of the four "Twilight" books, but I didn't love them. As my Twi-Hard friends know, I've got some problems with the co-dependent romance at the heart of the series. In the books, Bella Swan's internal monologue eventually annoyed me so much... Continue Reading →

If It Pleases and Sparkles …

There are few things I love more than comics. They are rich with iconic characters that I've always loved, from Wonder Woman to the more obscure but fascinating anti-hero Lady Shiva. And oh, how I love the art; so many ways to draw a character, an emotion, an action. Add to that the stories and the ingenious... Continue Reading →

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