Breaking Dawn Part 2: The End is Nigh

Breaking Dawn Part 2? More like Breaking Dawn Part *SOB*!

The first time I read the The Twilight Saga, I devoured it in just a few days. All four books. And when I got to the end of Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final book, I cried in spite of the happy ending. I became so enamored with the story that I was sad that it was over.

At the time, the first film had already made it to DVD. The wheels of this massive machine were fully in motion. Knowing that all of the books would eventually be interpreted visually, I couldn’t help but wonder how the characters, scenery, and memorable moments would play out in the movies. But none more than Breaking Dawn. Would the final film be able to capture the essence of that happy (yet sad) ending in the same way? Continue reading “Breaking Dawn Part 2: The End is Nigh”

Why ‘Twilight’ is all right with me

This post is Part 2 of G3’s response to Twi-Hater nation. Check out V.’s previous essay here.

Every other week or so, an anti-Twilight zinger presents itself during my regular pop culture and social media consumption, usually followed by a stream of ha-ha-Twilight-sux commentary from people who are vigilant about telling us that a harmless work of young adult fiction is total crap. It’s the meme that won’t die. You could set your watch by it.

Chances are that the person with the strongest opinion, the one who’s so sure that Twilight is the worst thing to happen to feminism, literature and film in the 21st Century, has never read a single book in Stephanie Meyer’s series. If you have done so and loathe Twilight, carry on. You’ve earned your right to judge.

I read two-and-a-half of Meyer’s books, which were fine, saw the first two films, which were solidly enjoyable, and then decided I was done. A Twi-hard I am not, and I’ve made it known that parts of the story got on my last nerve. Continue reading “Why ‘Twilight’ is all right with me”

Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart and the Twi-Hater Nation: Part 1

V. defends the enjoyment of Twilight.

Breaking Dawn, Part 2 opens Nov. 16, and if the past is any indication, the hipster, armchair critics are already crafting withering tweets and curating the Internet’s finest Twilight-bashing content to share. It’s become abundantly clear over the years that, in their own way, Twilight’s most incessant critics are just as invested in this phenomenon as the Twi-hards they’re fond of mocking. The first Twilight novel was published in 2005, but the ire that the franchise inspires is as strong as ever. V. has been an ardent, proud fan. E. is indifferent. But they both agree that the persistent hating is ridiculous, way past its expiration date and not a little bit sexist. Today, V. looks the critics squarely in the eye, and tomorrow, E. explains why she’s had it up to here.

I have heard an innumerable amount of insults being a fan of Twilight. It has mostly died down among my friends, but about four years ago … I was THAT girl. The 30-year-old mom in love with Edward Cullen.

So boom.

I took the criticism in jest. Mostly. But I noticed something. Continue reading “Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart and the Twi-Hater Nation: Part 1”

You Are Cordially Invited

Oblivious to our torches and pitchforks, DC is (apparently) pairing Wonder Woman and Aquaman for the upcoming Flashpoint event. Their union will save the world! Whatever. Our investment in BatWondy remains strong and, as should now be obvious, constant.

A while back, I stumbled across illustrator Luckico‘s DeviantArt page and adored many of her pieces. Like all the artists we’ve encountered along the way, she was very nice and genuinely flattered that we enjoyed her work. We corresponded a bit, and the subject of Batman and Wonder Woman came up … leading to the beautiful image above.

I’m a sucker for understated elegance, and Lukico’s interpretation of a Diana-Bruce wedding certainly qualifies. The bride looks radiant and appropriately regal, free of claptrap. No need to gild the Themysciran lily. She’s instantly recognizable (the bracelets), and when I showed the illustration to a friend who doesn’t read comics regularly, he knew exactly who the groom was. “Of course it’s Batman. Look at those shoulders.” It’s enough to send a gal into a fanfic frenzy. Many thanks to the talented Lukico for indulging me.

Heroic Hotness: Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen is the quintessential Valentine.

Edward Cullen: The Romantic

“My life was an unending, unchanging midnight. It must, by necessity, always be midnight for me. So how was it possible that the sun was rising now, in the middle of my midnight?”

Those are the thoughts of Edward the moment he fell in love with Bella. In Twilight lore, the instant they are turned to vampires, they are like stone. Their human memories fade, but they remain exactly as they are forever. The “self” is frozen. Only one thing can change them. It is rare and only happens once. When a sparkly vampire falls in love, they are permanently altered, and the love never fades.

For all of Edward’s flaws, his unconditional adoration of Bella totally, effing hooked me. Let’s factor in the phenomenal beauty, impeccable turn-of-the-century etiquette, the romantic cadence of his speech, a century’s worth of education, Mozartesque musical talent, super-strength and speed, and yes, the mothafucker sparkles. I love me some Edward Cullen. I love him because he loves so unabashedly. In the Twilight-verse, that’s how vampires roll. I think it’d be hella beautiful if fearless love was more common in the real world.

Edward Cullen by Colleen Peck

A Note About The Art …

The beauty of prose is that your imagination illustrates the story, and often times nothing can really hold a candle to that. The mind does our bidding, and creates our version of beauty. When reading the Twilight novels, I had an image of Edward and all of his glory. Being the art junkie that I am, I scoured the interwebs looking for a drawing of him that suited my ideal. I found a million and one drawings of Robert Pattinson. Well, he’s not Edward. He’s Robert. Even the graphic novel wasn’t much more than a generic, manga-hottie Edward.

I wanted an image of Edward, as he was described in the book, and that did justice to my imaginings. Then, I came across this gem on deviantART. The tortured expression, marble complexion, reddish-brown hair, golden eyes, and perfect proportions; THIS is Edward Cullen. Thanks to the artist, Colleen Peck, for creating such a magnificent rendering of a character I adore.

On the Twelfth Day of BatWondy … The Case for Bruce and Diana

If only.

V. and I knew we weren’t the only BatWondy fans out there, but we were surprised and delighted by the outpouring of support for this super-union. It’s not just an American thing or a woman thing. Even non-geek friends lit up when they saw some of our featured images. What is it about Wonder Woman and Batman together that sets people’s hearts aflutter?

The idea of opposites attracting definitely comes into play. Wonder Woman sees the best in humanity. Batman assumes (and sees) the worst. Wonder Woman is a warrior with an open heart, while you need a crowbar and a stick of dynamite to pry Bruce’s open. Diana had an idyllic upbringing in paradise. Bruce witnessed his parents’ murder in Crime Alley. She’s warm and empathetic. He’s a cold, calculating genius.

Yet, there are common threads. Both possess an immense sense of duty, and they have chosen to use their gifts and great privilege to serve others. This shared intensity and commitment to doing the right thing has sometimes put them at odds. (See: Lord, Maxwell.)

For all-too obvious reasons, many comics fans see Diana and Clark as the ideal couple. Snore. Putting Batman and Wonder Woman together is riskier because they are so different, but potentially much more exciting. Occasionally, their differences would cause tension and conflict, while leading to some epic makeup sex. Neither would let their love affair interfere with fighting evil, but it would add an intriguing touch of complexity. Chances are they’d keep it a secret from their colleagues, and I can just imagine Superman trying to read between the lines at JLA meetings.

The writers of the Cartoon Network’s Justice League and Justice League Unlimited shows certainly got it. The BatWondy flirtation was a recurring theme, and it was front and center in one of the best episodes, “This Little Piggy.” Circe turned Wonder Woman into a pig. With bracelets. In addition to helping Zatanna crack the case, Batman ended up singing “Am I Blue” on a nightclub stage — and admitting that there was a little somethin’ somethin’ between him and the Amazon.

"Bruce, I told you I deleted Nemesis' text."

Both Batman and Wonder Woman are overdue for real love. Thanks in part to his playboy persona and commitment issues, Bruce’s romantic past is a hot mess. The man has some serious baggage named Selina and Talia. You know one of these shady bitches would eventually step to Diana the wrong way — and we’d love to see them try it. Wonder Woman would maintain her trademark grace and dignity … to a point. But unless you’re packing magic, it’s a bad idea to pick a fight with someone who can serve you like Maria Sharapova. On an Aegis platter.

As for Diana’s relationships, unless you’re counting Steve Trevor from back in the day or Nemesis (I don’t) Diana hasn’t really had a Great Love story. It’s not that she needs a partner, male or female, to define her, but it’s an odd omission for a marquee character. If you’re going to pair her with a man, Bruce is the obvious choice. (If the love interest is a woman, it’s gotta be Artemis, but I doubt DC is gonna take it there anytime soon.)

So let’s review:


Hell no.

Heh. No.

Emphatically, yes.

On a completely shallow note, Batman is one of the sexiest guys in the DCU. Wonder Woman is so beautiful that even some of her fellow heroes have stammered in her presence. They’d be all tall, dark and gorgeous together, and it just feels right. We think Bruce and Diana could have one of the most compelling relationships in comics, one that’s every bit as heartfelt as Lois and Clark’s. And much steamier.

It’s so obvious, DC! Quit stalling and hook ‘em up in 2011. Do this right, and you’ll make a lot of fans very happy. Go, BatWondy, GO!

On the Ninth Day of BatWondy …

We like to call this the BatWondy Sizzler.

Romance and longing gazes are great and all, but few things on the planet are better than some skin to skin making-out. If DC can have decayed zombies ripping out major human organs, then we can get some Bruce and Diana loving on each other in their birthday suits. The editors aren’t working for the MPAA or some such shit. Paging Ed Benes.

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

On the Eighth Day of BatWondy …

Is that a Batarang in your pocket?

Sweet mother of Artemis, this is sexy. Check Diana’s sultry pose, the way she leans in and gets all Marilyn Monroe with it. This image, by Amorimxx via Deviant Art, gives us juuuust enough to wonder whether she’s going to kiss him or whisper some sweet nothings about what’s gonna jump off in the JLA satellite later on. And Bruce, you aren’t fooling anyone with that steely gaze and the cryptic body language. Give in! Give in!

On the Seventh Day of BatWondy …

Le sigh.

Since it was Nicola Scott’s art from Wonder Woman: Blackest Night that got us all hopped up to begin with, it’s only appropriate to include this pop art homage to one of her loveliest panels from that series. Remember, back in WW:BN, we learned that Diana had a deep, if unspoken, romantic connection with Batman. Not unrequited, just unspoken — and mutual. I mean, look at this, people! There is so much genuine tenderness going on here, and Bruce even took off his damn cowl to gaze at Diana with just the slightest smile. Diana is a peerless warrior, but in this picture, she’s simply a woman who is (dare I say it?) in love. This quietly intimate moment gave me goosebumps.

Dammit, DC! You’re breaking my heart.

On the Sixth Day of BatWondy …

“Oh, Bats … you’re so strong.”

In my perusing of the interwebs, I have discovered that much of the fanart for the BatWondy movement is from all over the world. Yes, Batman and Wonder Woman are icons. They are as recognizable as Coca-Cola. But, I find it of particular interest that people everywhere are intrigued by the union of the two.

This particular artist hails from Bolivia, and I think this pencil is playful and endearing. I really love how Bruce has Diana pinned against the wall, even though we all know she could toss him across Gotham City with her pinky-finger. He knows it, too. She doesn’t because she likes it. Every smart woman knows how to make her man feel good, and does so willingly.

On the Fourth Day of BatWondy …

Bruce and Diana get some more face time!

… V. is still thinking about Diana and Bruce kissing. I must have been swayed by all the BatWondy tabloid propaganda. Don’t judge me!

With the tonnage of being super-heroes weighing on their respective shoulders, this moment of whimsy is adorable to the tenth power. I love how Wonder Woman demurely floats in to lock lips with her man. Bruce still has his stoic swag fully intact, aside from the cape gripping, of course. Hints of passion like that happen to be all kinds of sexy. Me thinks he likes it … maybe he even loves it.

P.S. This makes me miss the classic Wonder Woman costume SO MUCH!

On the Third Day of BatWondy …


Hera bless the Internets. While DC isn’t ready to commit to BatWondy, fans of this superpairing sure are  — and they’ve got the fan art to prove it. These two have inspired quite a bit of creativity, and we’ve culled some of the best for your viewing pleasure. This Photoshopped image from The Heretics Blog, which also pokes fun at celebrity culture, is a cheeky delight, Batman’s smug/sexy facial expression says it all. I think this scenario would make a great Justice League subplot. Imagine Bruce and Diana dodging the press and being coy with their colleagues: “Clark, I’m in the Batcave all the time on official JLA business, and we heroes don’t work banker’s hours. Just because you saw me leaving the Wayne mansion this morning doesn’t mean anything.”