Kate Bishop v. Katniss Everdeen

Art by Jamie McKelvie

Art by Jamie McKelvie

How could I?

How could I not? It’s so fun.

Also, Hawkeye #11 (Pizza Dog!) and Young Avengers #6 (It’s a new story arc, ya’ll!) hits the shelves of your local comic shops today. I love the way Kieron Gillen writes Kate Bishop. And I am inexplicably excited about the second installment of The Hunger Games movies – Catching Fire. Why so inexplicable? I loathed the books. But that’s another post for another day. Today, Katniss and Kate go toe-to-toe, exquisite archer style.

Alright, we’ve got two archer extraordinaires who are about the same strength and build unless you count Katniss’s starvation factor. That would make her technically less physically strong. I suppose that could be offset with the tenacity that dying to survive brings. A healthy, punchy Kate versus a determined and hungry Katniss – who will make their mark first?

Talia al Ghul v. Lady Shiva

Talia versus Shiva

There are many things that DC has been lacking these days, but the one that I lament over regularly is Lady Shiva. I made a point to read the issues of Nightwing where she made an appearance, and while she is portrayed as being plenty skilled … something about her is missing. There wasn’t enough exposition or cold-hearted philosophy of life that Gail Simone would write into the character. Also, that costume is atrocious.

For today’s versus fantasy, I imagine the Shiva of yore. Continue reading

Poyo v. The Stalk: Who Would Win?

It’s been awhile since we have done a versus poll here at G3, so I am bringing it back with some Image Comics ferocity.

I have told you several times you should be reading Chew. Since you listen to every thing I say, you know exactly who Poyo is. If you don’t know who Poyo is, first be very ashamed of yourself, then listen closely (or click here). Poyo is the fiercest government employed killer rooster you will ever know. He can slice throats with a single swipe of his claw and rip out beating hearts with his beak. Because Poyo has a flawless record of destruction and may be one of the most entertaining characters to splatter blood in comics, he is favored to win.

Our other contender hails from Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ SAGA. The Stalk is an intergalactic assassin with a reputation for getting the job done. Maybe it’s her eight legs, the four different weapons in hand (foot?), or her barbed tongue with the velocity to impale flesh. No matter, facing her means you are as good as dead.

It’s a fight to the death!

Poll: Judging ‘Before Watchmen’

If all publicity is good publicity, the controversy-coated Before Watchmen project is golden. Any mention of these prequels to the classic 1986 Watchmen series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons makes the comics Internet light up like Times Square. But as with all things Watchmen-related, this question is unavoidable: Has DC knowingly mistreated the creators? The beef between Moore and the company is legendary, and David Brothers of 4thletter has written some stellar essays about the whole ball of wax. They are must-reads. Continue reading

Poll: Too Much Batman?

Batman by Andrei Bressan

Another Batman book?” — an annoyed Facebook friend

I love Batman. He’s a fascinating hero who is ripe for psychoanalysis and, thanks to many talented creative teams and the loving care of his corporate keepers, has had some of the best stories in comics history. I’m also a Grant Morrison fan, so I’ve already added the relaunched Batman, Inc., which returns to the lineup in May, to my pull list.

But seriously, how much Batman does the world need?  Continue reading

Gotham Get Down

Last night I was bagging and boarding my comics. I often put on a movie I’ve seen before just to have some background buzz, and I chose the Wonder Woman animated film. The offspring joined me, not to bag and board, but for the movie. Inevitably, she has questions. She is a curious spirit and I have henceforth dubbed her “The Questionator” (it is her super power). As she is watching the movie, she is curious why Diana isn’t sustaining any broken bones while fighting Ares. I explained Wonder Woman’s super powers, and how she’s pretty much impervious. Then she suggests that a fight between her and Batman would be a good one. I laughed. Clearly, she overrates Batman (just like everyone else); thus, I countered her versus suggestion with Black Canary. She thought about it and concurred. So there we have it, folks. Dinah versus Bruce. Set aside your boyhood bias and remember they both have been trained by Lady Shiva. They are both stellar hand-to-hand combatants. One is a genius and the other is a Meta. AND … just to keep it extra funky-fresh … Gail’s Canary circa Sensei & Student, Morrison’s Bat from, say, Batman & Son. Go.

Spider-Man vs. Red Robin: Who Would Win?

One has arachnid-derived superpowers and exceptional intelligence. The other graduated with honors from Batman’s School of Hard Knocks. Peter Parker and Tim Drake are both highly capable crime fighters with a surplus of combat experience and brain power, and they’re both so doggone likable. Peter’s super-strength and agility, combined with his spider sense and web-shooting are formidable enough, but he also knows how to out-think his opponents. Tim may be an even sharper detective than his mentor, and he’s usually a step (or five) ahead of his foes. He’s also fierce in a battle. But in a face-off between Spider-Man and Red Robin, which young hero would take the title?

Cheetah vs. Catman: Who Would Win?


She’s a bloodthirsty hunter with a crazy streak and some of the sharpest claws in comics. He lived among lions and eventually went so far off the deep end that he bit off an enemy’s face. Even the bravest hero doesn’t want to get caught slipping with Cheetah and Catman on the prowl. (There have been several Cheetahs, but for purposes of this poll, let’s go with Barbara Minerva.) Minerva has a truckload of advantages including superhuman speed, agility and strength, and she demonstrated her gifts with gusto in Secret Six #3. But as many opponents have learned the hard way, you underestimate Thomas Blake at your peril. He has exceptional hand-to-hand combat and tracking skills, and as a Sixer, he is more than ready for an insane and seemingly fatal challenge. How do you intimidate a guy who’s taken a tour of Hell? So, once the fur settled, who would emerge victorious?

Poll: What’s Your Re-Launch Strategy?

The DC re-launch has dominated the comics conversation since its announcement, and readers are in varying stages of acceptance. But not everyone’s grieving. I’ve heard a handful of people say that this (mostly) clean slate approach is not only necessary, but also smart. The medium is struggling, and most fans would agree that something needs to be done. But is this it?

I’ve got my opinions, but as a consumer with no business experience — and comics are a business — I don’t exactly have a strategic plan for the industry. There are aspects of the re-launch that I find upsetting (feathers on Tim!), and I’m definitely sad to see some of my favorite titles and characters go missing. However, as a Nerd Lunch essay pointed out, it’s not really About Me, and the decision’s been made. So as a reader, I’ve got two choices: Give the new titles a try and make judgments accordingly, or break up with DC. We’ve been together since I was 7 or 8, so I’m not yet ready to call the moving van. Some of the books will be good to great, and others will be mediocre to sucky. That’s pretty much the way it is now.

While I am skeptical, I want this radical plan to succeed because I love comics. When they’re done right, reading them can be a magical experience, or at least a greatly entertaining one. I think more people would agree if they’d just pick one up, but getting comics into the hands of non-readers these days is a mighty big challenge. DC is taking a big gamble in the hopes that old fans will stick around and new ones will be attracted to less intimidating #1 issues.

What’s your take on the re-launch strategy? Are you ready to give it a try or packing your proverbial suitcases?

Poll: What’s Your Summer Superhero Pick?

Are you ready for some superheroes? Thor, the first entry in this summer’s cinema geek-a-palooza, is storming a theater near you on May 6. Hot on his mighty Asgardian heels are X-Men First Class (June 3), Green Lantern (June 17), and Captain America: The First Avenger (July 22). The trailers have ranged from “Holy hell!” to “Hmm,” but I predict they’ll all make a truckloads of cash. While I’m generally a DC gal, I have to say that the Captain America promos have blown me away — far more than the DC/Warner Bros. entry Green Lantern. Of course, I’ll end up seeing them all.

What about you? With the embarrassment of riches headed our way, what superhero flick are you most excited about?

Catwoman Illustration: Is It Offensive?

In case it’s not already clear, we like sexy art and well-done cheesecake. Superheroes (and antiheroes) are hot, and in the DCU, Catwoman is definitely in the top five — the dangerous curves, the skin-tight black suit, the purring. Selina owns her sexuality, and when she’s near Batman, the panels practically crackle with tension.

However, Greg Horn’s BatCat illustration recently set off a debate about when art goes from provocative to offensive. I’m the first to admit that there’s a fine line, and that tastes are very personal. (Our shirtless Batman/Catman poll illustration drew some criticism, for example.) Plus, few kids are reading comics anymore, so the chances of Junior seeing this are slim. In general, I’d rather an artist go over the top than play it safe. Horn has done some lovely work. However, the crouched, ass-in-the-air shot in front of Batman (complete with licking!) disgusted both of us. Catwoman doesn’t have to go there to set off fire alarms. Can you imagine the roles being reversed? I can’t.

What do you think? Is this a silly tempest in a teapot or another disturbing example of blatant sexism in comics? (If nothing else, the image prompted a very funny response from artist Phil Noto.)

Geek Stylist: Alternate Duds for Diana

I don’t know about you, but I was thrilled to see Diana’s old costume on the cover of Wonder Woman #609. No matter how much I looked at it, that horror of a ’90s shopping mall getup never grew on me. The dowdy boots. The choker. Good riddance.

Of course, Jim Lee is hardly the first artist to re-imagine Wonder Woman’s togs, and quite a few illustrators have done masterful costume redesigns. For those days when Wondy’s classic battle bathing suit is at the dry cleaner, which of the following alternate designs would you pick for our favorite Amazon? Take a look and cast your vote at the end of the post!



We think we’ve made it pretty clear who we want Wonder Woman to boo up with. However, a comment from a reader (Hi, Celeste!) about the above Stephane Roux illustration of Diana with Artemis got me thinking:

“They would actually make a really hot couple. Just sayin.’”

I’d made an offhand comment about this in an earlier post, but I hadn’t considered it seriously until Celeste made the observation. And you know, it makes a lot of sense. Wonder Woman is from an island inhabited entirely by women, so it’s hardly a stretch to think of her as a lesbian. My personal theory is that Wonder Woman just loves, period, and that it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other for her. Why pick a side? (On the other hand, upon arrival in man’s world, she might have become fascinated by the male gender’s unique … accessory.)

Anyhoo, Artemis is as determined a warrior as her Amazon sister, and they clearly respect each other. Artemis even was Wonder Woman for a stretch. She’s walked a mile in those red boots, which gives the two of them quite a bond. She also reminds me  of Knockout, whose romance with Scandal Savage was cut short by that Death of the New Gods mess, but that’s a rant for another day.

So what do you think? Would you be down for an ArtWondy romantic team-up?

Superman v. The Flash: Who’s Faster?

We all know Superman is “faster than a speeding bullet” and shit. Superman is THE man. But, the Speedforce is pretty epic, especially in regards to one Barry Allen. So, Barry Allen with the power of the Speedforce racing Superman with all the might of the yellow sun …

New Supes: Do You Care?

The very handsome Brit Henry Cavill is the new cinema Superman, and for the life of me, I can’t tell whether anyone cares. Too soon? It seems like we were just being introduced to Brandon Routh, who did a good job in a flawed movie, Superman Returns. I’m not all that excited about a reboot, but I’m a little bummed that Routh didn’t get a chance to show what he could do in a (potentially) better movie. In any case, Cavill will look great with a spit-curl and a cape. And for the love of Rao, please cast a believable Lois Lane this time around.

Does the unveiling of the new Man of Steel have you pumped for the movie?

Claws Out! Who Would Win?

They’re both skilled combatants, exceptionally agile and quick, and they look stunning in black — as Spider-Man and Batman would confirm. But when it comes down to an all-out catfight (sorry; couldn’t resist) between Marvel’s Black Cat and DC’s Catwoman, who would prevail: Felicia Hardy or Selina Kyle?




Sin vs. Damian: Who Would Win?

Sin bonds with Big Barda.

Damian rides shotgun with Dick.

She was being trained to replace Lady Shiva. He was trained by the League of Assassins. Aside from the years of therapy they have ahead of them, Sin and Damian are some mighty impressive minors. While we do not condone hand-to-hand combat among children, you have to admit that a spat between these two would be interesting — and tough to call. Sin is younger, but after seeing her bring down a bunch of hired killers who invaded her school in the Black Canary miniseries, I wouldn’t underestimate her. On the other hand, Damian is … well, Damian. Meet me at the arcade — it’s goin’ down!

Green Lantern Lights It Up

So the first footage from the upcoming Green Lantern film is out and there’s a whole lot of quipping and green blasty stuff happening. Ryan Reynolds is his usual charming self, and he looks like he’s having a great time. Of course, geeks appear to be divided over whether the clip looks amazing or cheesy. Since this is all we have to go on for the moment, what do you think?

Batman v. Catman

In case you hadn’t noticed, E. and I are pretty good friends; the best of friends actually. While much of our time is spent discussing comics, we, of course, talk about other things. Mrs. Peterman is a happily married gal; I on the other hand am unattached, which usually makes me the provocateur of some rather juicy conversation with my girl. During one of our customary brainstorming sessions, I mentioned that I hadn’t done a versus poll in a little while. E. suggested Batman and Catman. Given Blake’s penchant for random nudity, and Bruce’s just general sexiness, that pretty much sent me into an objectification tailspin, which I promptly incited my friend to join in on. The conversation went thusly:

Me: “Whoa. Girl. I like that idea! If the guys can have Starfire, we can have this … in boxer briefs.”

E: “It’d be like watching mud-wrestling, and it would be fantastic.”

Me: “Shirtless mud-wrestling.”

I’m thinking fictional characters and celebrities are fair game to lust after, and we are especially fond of actors dressed like super heroes. Recently topics covered include the yum sauce poured all over Chris Evans as Captain America, festive objectification of Ryan Reynolds and Nick Jones as Green Lanterns, and Dick Grayson as Nightwing is generally a revolving fantasy.

SO! In the spirit of cheesecake, HAWTNESS, and my fiery … um … inclinations! I give you Batman v. Catman … shirtless.

Cosplay: Black Canary v. Aphrodite IV

E. and I had such a spectacular experience at Dragon*Con, we have now made it our mission to go to as many cons as possible. We both have kids, jobs, and you know, just general responsibilities. So, there is some planning and reality involved. We’re Florida gals, and the word in Artist Alley is that MegaCon has a prominent comic book presence. Thus the next con we will attend is MegaCon in Orlando.

It is well known that one of the great joys of cons is the cosplay. I have decided that for MegaCon, I will be donning a costume. Black Canary has long been a favorite of mine. I’ve always said if I ever dress up, it would be as Gail Simone and Ed Benes’ Black Canary. But recently, I’ve sort of fallen in love with the design of Aphrodite IV that appeared in Artifacts #1. So now I am torn, and I need a little help deciding.

New Teen Titans Team: Do You Care?

It’s an understatement to say that the venerable Teen Titans title has fallen on hard times recently. However, the new creative team of J.T. Krul and Nicola Scott will take the reigns starting with issue #88. We adore Scott’s work, and while Krul’s The Rise of Arsenal reeked, we know he’s written good stuff, including the Ravager miniseries that was published inside Teen Titans. But is this promising announcement enough to get you reading this comic again?

Hit-Girl v. Huntress

Bigby Wolf v. Wolverine

Black Alice v. X-23

I don’t roam into the Marvel Universe very often. I happen to really like X-Force, especially X-23. For a while now, I have been trying to think of someone who could hold their own against her. Then the mash-up came to me, Black Alice versus X-23!

Black Alice is wildly powerful with magic. She can gank the powers of any magical being that she’s laid eyes on including the likes of the Spectre and Wonder Woman. She has also proven to be naive and immature, often succumbing to emotionally-driven bad decisions.

X-23 is an expert martial artist who will kill you. I think she could own Lady Shiva. X-23’s heightened senses, healing factor, and pure skill might just give Black Alice one hell of a fight.

What say you?

Crisis of Infinite Books

I read a lot — so much that all my books are subject to the 100-page rule: If I don’t care what’s happening by the 100th page, then I’m done. Life is short, and I’d like to get to the good shit before my vision goes. Obviously, comic books make up a massive portion of my literary diet. To deepen my knowledge and beef up my continuity chops, I often read trade volumes of classic stories that my fellow geeks recommend.

Enter Crisis on Infinite Earths. I am on page 102, and I’m bored. I don’t give a damn what happens next, and I am certain I could find a WAY more amusing summation on somebody’s blog. But the Geek Posse has spoken. They say that I should plow through my apathy and finish the friggin’ book. Some think it’s a great story, but I don’t share their affinity for retro-fitted fan whoring.

Perhaps I just have general Crisis Fatigue, or maybe the story is so convoluted and shallow that my brain is insulted. The obsessive part of me wants to read it because I feel I should. As a fangirl who primarily reads DC comics and now writes about them, it’s like my duty or something. Maybe it would help me make sense of Grant Morrison’s reference rodeos. Frankly, that’s my only motivation to finish.

So here’s the question: Do I spend precious moments of my life on the next 250 pages of this classic book, or do I move on to one of the many other trades waiting for me?

Black Canary v. Cheshire

Dinah is a wicked hand-to-hand combatant, but Cheshire is a poisonousness, merciless biotch. What say you?

Power Girl: Fun While It Lasted?

Shortly after unveiling new Wonder Woman writer J. Michael Straczynski, DC has announced a new creative team for its buzzworthy Power Girl title — and it’s a teeny bit controversial. With issue #13, writer Judd Winick and artist Sami Basri will take over for current writers Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and artist Amanda Conner. I’m not even gonna front: It’s very likely that issue #12 will be my last. Nothing is static in comics, but the trio of Palmiotti, Gray and Conner made Power Girl both fun to read and gorgeous to look at. I’d probably read Wonder Woman even if it were written and illustrated by 7-year-olds. However, my attachment to Power Girl has nothing to do with the character and everything to do with the quality of her book.

Secret Six Casting Call

With all due respect to Green Lantern and Batman, the live-action superhero movie DC/Warner Brothers ought to be making isn’t really about heroes at all. Two words: Secret. Six.

Aside from being one of the most consistently good mainstream comics around, the current incarnation of Secret Six is a carnival ride of moral ambiguity; wildly amusing yet sickening. While darkness seems to plague this colorful cast wherever they go (Junior, Devil’s Island, *shudder*), there’s also plenty of humor and the perfect Hollywood cliché of stuff just … blowing up. That’s a filmmaker and casting director’s dream (or at least the dream of the alternate universe versions of V and I that make movies).

Let’s face it; a smaller, off-kilter movie about a group of rogues stands a better chance of being good — or at least interesting — than any live-action Justice League movie a studio would whip up. (I’m not saying I don’t want to see a live-action JL movie, but I just don’t see how it could possibly be done well.)

We’ve got our own ideas about casting Secret Six: The Movie, but first we want to hear yours.  Who’s your big-screen dream team to portray Bane, Jeanette, Catman, Deadshot, Ragdoll and Scandal Savage — or Knockout or Black Alice?

Simone Departs from Wonder Woman

DC announced on Friday that Gail Simone will be leaving Wonder Woman. As much as we’d like her to stay on the book, she is not Wonder Woman. With the return of the Birds, I suppose she can’t do it all. I was disappointed, but not surprised. Gail’s replacement, announced this morning, will be J. Michael Straczynski. This guy has got some serious writing cred behind him, but in his interview he seemed more stoked about writing Supes than Wondy. Through hell or high water, Wonder Woman will stay on my pull list, but I’m a little worried.

Power Girl v. Wonder Woman

We’ve seen these two duke it out a time or two before, and it looks like they’re at it again in this month’s issue of Wonder Woman. So, we’re curious. Do you think the Wonder Warrior would be triumphant, or would PG’s Kryptonian strength bitchiness manage to “pit bull” a win?

Wondy v. PG

After Blackest Night Comes Brightest Day

Lady Shiva v. Deathstroke

Current continuity of both, but Slade doesn’t have any bullshit chocolate handy. Not that Shiva would fall for that again (or EVER!).

Iceman v. Wonder Woman

Current continuity versions of both (not Ultimate X-Men or Blackest Night).

Secret Six: Who Do You Love?