V. reviews Superman/Wonder Wonder Woman #9

Great art can’t make up for poor plotting in Superman/Wonder Woman #9.

You know how much I love crossovers, right? In last week’s issue of Superman/Wonder Woman, the Superman: Doomed arc dominated its pages and not really in a good way. As is the case almost all of the time in a crossover event, you are missing key pieces when you don’t read all of the titles in order. So, there was that.  Continue reading “V. reviews Superman/Wonder Wonder Woman #9”

2012 Memorable Moment: Azzarello’s Amazons

For better or worse, comic fans knew that DC’s relaunch would bring changes to beloved characters. As Brian Azzarello took on the daunting task of writing Diana of Themyscira, Princess of the Amazons, he had a devoted fan base to appeal to. At first, he was fairly successful. I was sold.

In my defense, the beauty of Cliff Chiang’s art goes a long way. Also, despite Phil Hester’s admirable attempt at redeeming The Odyssey story line, that was not a hard act to follow. I may or may not have been a bit hungry for another writer on Wonder Woman.

I digress.

As Azzarello added more and more characters to the cast of Wonder Woman, the old gods started overshadowing our princess. Diana’s path was becoming foggy. So, it wasn’t quite clear how Azzarello was going to characterize the leading lady who was becoming more like a supporting actress in her own book. The story-shine of Zeus being her father was wearing off. So, Azzarello brought the thunder in another epic reveal in Wonder Woman #7. Continue reading “2012 Memorable Moment: Azzarello’s Amazons”