E. reviews Archie’s SABRINA #1

I am fully under the spell of "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," the latest top-notch offering from Archie Comics. Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, it's a dark, compelling and completely accessible story with fantastic art by Robert Hack. Read my full review of issue #1 HERE.

E.’s Megacon Highlight Reel

If you’re ever suffering from a case of fan malaise, find the nearest comics/sci-fi/fantasy/anime convention and go. You won’t regret it. As Megacon reminded me, there’s nothing quite like a con to reconnect a person with the joys of fandom. Spending a few days surrounded by happy people in costumes and talking to the creators... Continue Reading →

G3 Gift Guide: Part E.

You could argue that every Wednesday is a holiday for those of us who get a weekly comic book fix. We play Santa Claus to ourselves, merrily leaving the LCS with a fresh stack and maybe a few … unplanned purchases that prompt our significant others to ask what the hell is up with these... Continue Reading →

G3 Review: Life With Archie #16

Life With Archie #16 Written by Paul Kupperberg Art by Fernando Ruiz, Pat Kennedy, Tim Kennedy, Al Milgrom, Bob Smith, Jack Morelli and Glenn Whitmore This just in: Life With Archie is friggin’ awesome. Yes, I know the series is no longer new, but no matter how many times I read it, I’m surprised by... Continue Reading →

Welcome Back, Kevin!

About two years ago, my son, now 11, popped the “What does ‘gay’ mean?” question. I answered plainly, and he made a little face. Not in an “I’m Pat Robertson way” but a “Gee, that’s … odd” way. We had a brief talk about it not being odd at all, and then — shiny object!... Continue Reading →

Fast Times at Riverdale High

I hadn't intended to write about anything Archie-related again so soon, but when my friend Craig sent me this link, well, it had to happen. Canadian sketch comedy group The Cross Eyed Bear, with the help of donors from the Vancouver film industry, put together a brilliant, live-action movie trailer that imagines the Archie gang... Continue Reading →

Friday Favorite: Cheryl Blossom

Veronica Lodge has the sassy, rich vixen role on lock most of the time, but whenever bombshell Cheryl Blossom sashays into Riverdale, it is Game Over. Even worse for Miss Lodge’s considerable ego, Cheryl knows she is hot with her red hair, dangerous curves, and short skirts — and she flaunts her assets with no... Continue Reading →

Betty and Veronica, Reinterpreted

I’m out and proud about my longtime affection for Archie Comics, and I really don’t care that it’s the geek equivalent of loving “Facts of Life” reruns. Deal with it! Anyway, it’s worth noting that those classic characters continue to be a source of inspiration for illustrators everywhere. When I saw Stuart Immonen’s stylish, modern... Continue Reading →

Archie: The Gateway Comic

Last month, DC Women Kicking Ass posted an excellent piece about encouraging more female comic book readership. There were several good suggestions, but #4 leaped out at me: "Look to Archie." “Girls still read Archie because it’s accessible, and because their parents probably read Archie when they were growing up, too.” I know this is... Continue Reading →

Riverdale, Uncloseted

Man, Archie Comics are all about the progressive plot developments lately. Riverdale not only gave a shout-out to interracial dating this week via Archie #608, but also announced the arrival of its first openly gay character. And no, it isn't Jughead. Or Mr. Weatherbee. Veronica Lodge's milkshake has been bringing all the boys to the... Continue Reading →

Change Comes To Riverdale!

When word got out last spring that Archie had gotten off the fence and proposed to Veronica, news outlets and old fans went nuts. But as far as I’m concerned, the solicitation for Archie #608 — which suggests young Mr. Andrews has been swapping more than guitar licks with Valerie, the African-American member of Josie... Continue Reading →

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