We think we’ve made it pretty clear who we want Wonder Woman to boo up with. However, a comment from a reader (Hi, Celeste!) about the above Stephane Roux illustration of Diana with Artemis got me thinking:

“They would actually make a really hot couple. Just sayin.’”

I’d made an offhand comment about this in an earlier post, but I hadn’t considered it seriously until Celeste made the observation. And you know, it makes a lot of sense. Wonder Woman is from an island inhabited entirely by women, so it’s hardly a stretch to think of her as a lesbian. My personal theory is that Wonder Woman just loves, period, and that it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other for her. Why pick a side? (On the other hand, upon arrival in man’s world, she might have become fascinated by the male gender’s unique … accessory.)

Anyhoo, Artemis is as determined a warrior as her Amazon sister, and they clearly respect each other. Artemis even was Wonder Woman for a stretch. She’s walked a mile in those red boots, which gives the two of them quite a bond. She also reminds me  of Knockout, whose romance with Scandal Savage was cut short by that Death of the New Gods mess, but that’s a rant for another day.

So what do you think? Would you be down for an ArtWondy romantic team-up?

Haute Heroism

Because I love a Kate Spade purse as much as a Fables hardcover trade, I tend to have strong opinions about comic book fashion. V., a Gucci aficionado from way back, is no different, and we’ve had plenty of Project Runway elimination-style discussions about superhero garb.

Of course, everyone had something to say about Wonder Woman’s new costume, much of it hilarious. My favorite observation came from Tom and Lorenzo, the duo behind the brilliant Project Rungay blog: “She kind of looks like she’s on her way to yoga class. In Vanilla Ice’s old jacket. That sound you hear is the wail of drag queens the world over, all of whom wouldn’t be caught dead in this thing.” Continue reading “Haute Heroism”