G3 Review: Super 8

Between outrageous ticket prices and patrons who can’t stop texting/Tweeting/yapping for even two lousy seconds after the lights go down, I've often wondered whether it's still possible to experience child-like joy at the movies. However, my skepticism was no match for the wonderful J.J. Abrams-directed thriller Super 8. It was like time travel. Just seconds... Continue Reading →

Thumbs Up for Young Justice

Over the years, various Cartoon Network shows based on DC Comics have given their source material a serious run for their money. I'd wager that many episodes of the late, great Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans and the current Batman: The Brave and the Bold, to name a few, have been just as entertaining... Continue Reading →

Take A Trip To Sidebar Nation

There are plenty of comics podcasts out there, but the guys behind the Sidebar Nation chatfest  — Dwight, Swain and Adrian — are some of the most knowledgeable, opinionated and flat-out funny geeks ever to rock the mic. We had the pleasure of meeting Dwight at Dragon*Con, and Swain moderated the excellent Dark Knight panel.... Continue Reading →

7 Days From Hell (Yeah!)

  If you're hemming and hawing over whom to vote for in Top Cow's annual Pilot Season contest, let us help. G3’s unequivocal, unanimous choice is 7 Days from Hell, the Bryan Edward Hill/Rob Levin-penned story of a former mercenary who escaped death (and hell) at a terrible price. Protagonist John Bishop is now a... Continue Reading →

1975-1979: Good Years for Geeky Girls

Nostalgia is the lifeblood of longtime geeks. Decades after seeing a certain comic/movie/TV show, we can recall, in exhaustive detail, the effect it had on us. We’ll tell anyone who will listen, including our bored children and significant others, “You have NO idea how much ‘Shazam!’ rocked my world ...” But nostalgia is also tricky.... Continue Reading →

Wanted: Ben Caldwell’s Wonder Woman

I am completely enamored with Ben Caldwell’s pitch for a youth-skewing Wonder Woman comic, which is getting plenty of other props online. I’m generally not a fan of manga-style illustration, but Caldwell’s concept is fresh, playful and modern without being silly (*Cough* jeggings on Wonder Woman *Cough*). If the work looks familiar, it's because Caldwell was... Continue Reading →

Spreading the Love (and Capes)

Love and Capes: Do You Want to Know a Secret? Vol. 1 Writer/Artist: Thomas F. Zahler Superheroes aren’t having much fun these days. While there’s some great work being done in the capes-and-cowls genre, it’s often so relentlessly grim that fans seeking lighthearted reading might as well head straight to the kids’ section of the... Continue Reading →

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