G3 Review: Super 8

Between outrageous ticket prices and patrons who can’t stop texting/Tweeting/yapping for even two lousy seconds after the lights go down, I've often wondered whether it's still possible to experience child-like joy at the movies. However, my skepticism was no match for the wonderful J.J. Abrams-directed thriller Super 8. It was like time travel. Just seconds … Continue reading G3 Review: Super 8

Anti-Matter Web Series Is Comedy Gold For Geeks

Life in a comic book shop is ripe for comedic exploration. Aside from the wacky conversations that are specific to comics geeks, there are the only-in-retail scenarios and tensions that arise in a small business, especially one that employs Gen X/Y employees. For people who visit an LCS every Wednesday, the awesome Anti-Matter web series … Continue reading Anti-Matter Web Series Is Comedy Gold For Geeks

Comic Judgment: Lady Mechanika is Precious Metal

The fictional damsel in distress has run through a dark forest countless times, but not like this. A terrified young woman in a tattered gown looks at her limbs, now a horror of metal forearms and gleaming talons; “flesh and metal fused in an incomprehensible manner.” She’s being hunted. The armed predators call her a … Continue reading Comic Judgment: Lady Mechanika is Precious Metal

Wanted: Ben Caldwell’s Wonder Woman

I am completely enamored with Ben Caldwell’s pitch for a youth-skewing Wonder Woman comic, which is getting plenty of other props online. I’m generally not a fan of manga-style illustration, but Caldwell’s concept is fresh, playful and modern without being silly (*Cough* jeggings on Wonder Woman *Cough*). If the work looks familiar, it's because Caldwell was … Continue reading Wanted: Ben Caldwell’s Wonder Woman