WTF? Wednesday: Hush Your Mouth

E. has a bone to pick with Batman Beyond #4.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PROCEEDING! This post contains a major spoiler, so if you are not current on Batman Beyond, look away now!

I’m not big on Mary Sue characters. I like my heroes and heroines with some flaws — a little dirt beneath their fingernails and some weaknesses. Perfect is boring.

But it also bothers me when a hero/heroine is gratuitously compromised or written in a way that is wildly out of character. At least offer a plausible explanation for why the person went off the deep end before sending them there in a burst of flames.

Which brings us to Batman Beyond #4, in which we learn that the new Hush — the nut who has been terrorizing Gotham City and killing folks — is none other than (drumroll) … Continue reading “WTF? Wednesday: Hush Your Mouth”

G3 Review: Batman Beyond #1

Batman Beyond #1 is a fast-paced, fun story with great art. Definitely worth a read.

Cover art by Dustin Nguyen

Batman Beyond #1
Writer: Adam Beechen
Pencils: Ryan Benjamin
Inks: John Stanisci
Colors: David Baron
June 30, 2010
DC Comics

I was stoked when DC announced the six-part mini for Batman Beyond. The cartoon is second only to Avatar: The Last Airbender in my book. I watched the animated series religiously, and I even had a giant Batman Beyond poster hanging over my bed.

The concept of a young man taking over the cowl under the tutelage of Bruce “Silver Fox” Wayne is genius, and it’s executed quite well in this first issue. Bruce is, of course, so obsessive that no amount of old age will keep him from protecting Gotham. He’d have to cease to exist (notice I didn’t say “die”), and even then, he’d probably still have some contingency AI Batman to run shit. For now, we’ve got Terry McGinnis. Continue reading “G3 Review: Batman Beyond #1”