Thoughts On Batwoman

The shot heard around the comic book world this week is Amy Reeder's abrupt departure from Batwoman. All sources citing creative differences. My first thought was, “Corporate shenanigans strike again!” They seem to strike a lot at the DC offices. But I have another theory. I read Amy's blog post addressing her departure from the … Continue reading Thoughts On Batwoman

Best of the ’09 Pull List: Batwoman in ‘Detective Comics’

As far as my comic-shop file is concerned, 2009 was a good year overall — and it really didn't have that much to do with lantern rings and cape-baiting zombies. DC's "Blackest Night" and many of the tie-ins have been perfectly enjoyable, but the books that stuck with me this year were more about individual … Continue reading Best of the ’09 Pull List: Batwoman in ‘Detective Comics’