On Marvel’s All-Girl X-Men

A ton of hype surrounded the launch of the all-female X-Men team, and now hype is about all that’s left.

X-Men #1 by Terry Dodson

The all-female X-Men started off full of promise. The first issue had a solid premise and was graced with Olivier Coipel’s stellar lines. The first arc laid the groundwork for a variety of female characterizations we rarely get to see in superhero comics like single-motherhood and alpha-female postulating.   Continue reading “On Marvel’s All-Girl X-Men”

2012 Memorable Moment: Brian Wood’s Conan the Barbarian

Lindsey meditates on the goodness that has been Conan the Barbarian this year.


Call me crazy but I was actually struggling with a desire to not give this comic a chance when I first saw it solicited so many months ago. Even with the powerhouse duo that is Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan fronting the project, I was deeply skeptical. Luckily, I set my preconceived notions aside and picked up the first issue, which presented me with one of my favorite comics out there today.

I get a little pissy when Cloonan is rotated out temporarily, but this comic has been so consistently solid and innovative to a dusty story line that it blows me away every time.

2011 Memorable Moment: Olive Branch

If you have not had the pleasure of reading Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly’s New York Four and New York Five, I would highly recommend them both. It is not quite a coming of age story, but more like a snapshot into the lives of four girls attending college in Manhattan. NYU is about the only thing they have in common. Each of the ladies; Ren, Riley, Lona and Merissa are complex, interesting characters completely consumed with the ups and downs of their respective lives. Aren’t we all?

In New York Five, we meet Olive. Continue reading “2011 Memorable Moment: Olive Branch”

Comic Judgment: The New York Five

Last week was a big one for comics, what with the end of Brightest Day, Justice League: Generation Lost, and the release of Action Comics #900. I love a good blockbuster, and even though I wasn’t reading BD or JLGL, I’ve heard very good things from those who have. Those books don’t exactly need any more publicity.

Since smaller books often get lost in the shuffle, I’d like to sing the praises of another comic that reached a milestone on Wednesday: The New York Five (Vertigo), by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly, took its final, bittersweet bow this week with issue No. 4. It’s a story about friendship, but a certain kind: the intense but fragile connections you make in young adulthood, specifically the freshman year of college. Continue reading “Comic Judgment: The New York Five”