Squee! of the Week: Lukico’s Gallery

The offerings on Deviant Art are all over the map, but some of them are breathtakingly fresh and creative. That’s where I found the work of artist Lukico, and I am completely in love with her elegant comics-inspired illustrations. While some of the pieces show characters in costume, many of them are beautifully subtle. Continue reading “Squee! of the Week: Lukico’s Gallery”

Bruce … Is It Really You?

Batman: The Return is a beautiful and moving reminder of the impact of Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Wayne as Batman by David Finch

Bruce Wayne as Batman is by far the most iconic figure in the DCU, and certainly a mega fan-favorite. I have to admit that I am not a fan of Batman. Part of the reason is that so many marketing resources are spent on him, and him alone, when there are many other characters deserving of some attention. Also, he pissed me off when he judged Diana for killing Max Lord. For someone who wasn’t really feeling you in the first place, then you get all high and mighty on a one-time goddess? Bitch, please.

Fast forward to Final Crisis. I love Final Crisis. I know it got all smooshed and convoluted at the end, but the layers and implications of that story were fascinating to me. We all now know what happened there, and have lived an entire year without Bruce Wayne. True, I’ve had The Return of Bruce Wayne to chew on for the past six months, but it gave me sort of an odd feeling. It was Bruce, but it was him through time; Bruce doing the genius things that he does, but not quite the same as him being in the present DCU. Continue reading “Bruce … Is It Really You?”

Put Jon Hamm in the Bat-Suit

“Mad Men” star Jon Hamm was born to play Bruce Wayne.

For just one moment, let’s put aside the fact that Christian Bale, a very good actor, is already playing Batman, and the third Bat-movie is already on track.

John Hamm was born to play Bruce Wayne.

It’s so obvious, and yet it didn’t occur to me until I was in the middle of a “Mad Men” marathon a few weeks ago. If you’ve watched the show, you know that Hamm’s portrayal of tortured soul/sexy scoundrel Don Draper is one of the best things on television. There are already so many elements of classic Bruce Wayne in Draper, a ‘60s-era Manhattan ad man with more secrets than a Hollywood starlet’s plastic surgeon. Besides, we know Hamm has love for the geeks, as demonstrated by his Funny or Die video turn as Lex Luthor.

And just look at the man. In a tux. Meow! (Warning: Images may cause spontaneous drooling.) Continue reading “Put Jon Hamm in the Bat-Suit”

G3 Review: Batman Beyond #1

Batman Beyond #1 is a fast-paced, fun story with great art. Definitely worth a read.

Cover art by Dustin Nguyen

Batman Beyond #1
Writer: Adam Beechen
Pencils: Ryan Benjamin
Inks: John Stanisci
Colors: David Baron
June 30, 2010
DC Comics

I was stoked when DC announced the six-part mini for Batman Beyond. The cartoon is second only to Avatar: The Last Airbender in my book. I watched the animated series religiously, and I even had a giant Batman Beyond poster hanging over my bed.

The concept of a young man taking over the cowl under the tutelage of Bruce “Silver Fox” Wayne is genius, and it’s executed quite well in this first issue. Bruce is, of course, so obsessive that no amount of old age will keep him from protecting Gotham. He’d have to cease to exist (notice I didn’t say “die”), and even then, he’d probably still have some contingency AI Batman to run shit. For now, we’ve got Terry McGinnis. Continue reading “G3 Review: Batman Beyond #1”

This Week in Comics FTW

Everything I pulled was a page-turner with top-notch art.

Maybe I had low expectations, but I was surprised by just how good my comics were this week. Everything I pulled was a page-turner with top-notch art. Continue reading “This Week in Comics FTW”