Cheetah vs. Catman: Who Would Win?


She’s a bloodthirsty hunter with a crazy streak and some of the sharpest claws in comics. He lived among lions and eventually went so far off the deep end that he bit off an enemy’s face. Even the bravest hero doesn’t want to get caught slipping with Cheetah and Catman on the prowl. (There have been several Cheetahs, but for purposes of this poll, let’s go with Barbara Minerva.) Minerva has a truckload of advantages including superhuman speed, agility and strength, and she demonstrated her gifts with gusto in Secret Six #3. But as many opponents have learned the hard way, you underestimate Thomas Blake at your peril. He has exceptional hand-to-hand combat and tracking skills, and as a Sixer, he is more than ready for an insane and seemingly fatal challenge. How do you intimidate a guy who’s taken a tour of Hell? So, once the fur settled, who would emerge victorious?

Poll Retrospective: Here’s How You Voted

Over the past year, we’ve asked for your opinion on everything from Wonder Woman’s drawers to whether you gave a rat’s ass about the upcoming Green Lantern movie. The results were always entertaining, and frequently surprising. Without further ado, here are the results from polls past:

1. Which version of Diana’s knickers do you prefer?
Given a choice of Nicola Scott’s taut medium, Jim Lee’s warrior skirt, Ed Benes’ quasi G-string and Aaron Lopresti’s granny britches, the clear winner was … Continue reading “Poll Retrospective: Here’s How You Voted”

2010 Memorable Moment: Cat Got Yo’ Face!

Catman gone wild.

Daddy issues much?

Secret Six is a book that was consistently good throughout the year. Gail never ceases to blow the line between morality and immorality completely to smithereens in ways that only work with the Six. While there have been many, many “Oh, Shit!” moments in Secret Six, issue #22 made my jaw hit the ground so hard it nearly broke.

In the final chapter of the “Cats in the Cradle” story arc, Thomas Blake takes his animal inclinations to the extreme. After hunting his son’s kidnappers by blazing a trail of blood and entrails, he finally confronts them. A meta by the name of Wallace is particularly arrogant and sinister upon Catman’s arrival, and the fight ensues. Wallace seems to be under the impression that he has the upper hand because he’s all electrical. Whilst lightning and shit-talking are plentiful, Blake takes one lunge at Wallace, and bites his fucking face off. One bite. Then he kills him with his claw-knuckle thingie and the best one-liner … ever. Gail officially sent Thomas Blake up the river to Homocidal Maniac Town, never to return.

J. Calafiore’s illustration is so epically perfect and gruesome that one cannot help but be utterly shocked.

I’d also like to give Calafiore some major props for his work on Secret Six as a whole this past year. He’s more or less melded with the Six, and I love, LOVE how he draws them. Calafiore has stepped his game up every month, and continues to improve. I’m so impressed by this book’s consistency, which is what Secret Six deserves.

Batman v. Catman

In case you hadn’t noticed, E. and I are pretty good friends; the best of friends actually. While much of our time is spent discussing comics, we, of course, talk about other things. Mrs. Peterman is a happily married gal; I, on the other hand, am unattached, which usually makes me the provocateur of some rather juicy conversation with my girl. During one of our customary brainstorming sessions, I mentioned that I hadn’t done a versus poll in a little while. E. suggested Batman and Catman. Given Blake’s penchant for random nudity, and Bruce’s just general sexiness, that pretty much sent me into an objectification tailspin, which I promptly incited my friend to join in on. The conversation went thusly:

Me: “Whoa. Girl. I like that idea! If the guys can have Starfire, we can have this … in boxer briefs.”

E: “It’d be like watching mud-wrestling, and it would be fantastic.”

Me: “Shirtless mud-wrestling.”

I’m thinking fictional characters and celebrities are fair game to lust after, and we are especially fond of actors dressed like superheroes. Recently topics covered include the yum sauce poured all over Chris Evans as Captain America, festive objectification of Ryan Reynolds and Nick Jones as Green Lanterns, and Dick Grayson as Nightwing is generally a revolving fantasy.

In the spirit of cheesecake, HAWTNESS, and my fiery … um … inclinations, I give you Batman v. Catman … shirtless.

G3 Review: Secret Six #22

Cover art by Dan LuVisi

Secret Six #22

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: J. Calafiore
DC Comics
Released: June 9, 2010

The comics that I deem “good” are the ones that really tug my emotions or shock the shit out of me. The final installment of the Secret Six “Cats in the Cradle” story arc was a full on jaw-dropper, kids. If you haven’t been reading, you need to grab the trade. I went back to issue #19 and read straight through. This story is intense, fast-paced and clever, Continue reading “G3 Review: Secret Six #22”

Secret Six Casting Call

With all due respect to Green Lantern and Batman, the live-action superhero movie DC/Warner Brothers ought to be making isn’t really about heroes at all. Two words: Secret. Six.

Aside from being one of the most consistently good mainstream comics around, the current incarnation of Secret Six is a carnival ride of moral ambiguity; wildly amusing yet sickening. While darkness seems to plague this colorful cast wherever they go (Junior, Devil’s Island, *shudder*), there’s also plenty of humor and the perfect Hollywood cliché of stuff just … blowing up. That’s a filmmaker and casting director’s dream (or at least the dream of the alternate universe versions of V and I that make movies).

Let’s face it; a smaller, off-kilter movie about a group of rogues stands a better chance of being good — or at least interesting — than any live-action Justice League movie a studio would whip up. (I’m not saying I don’t want to see a live-action JL movie, but I just don’t see how it could possibly be done well.)

We’ve got our own ideas about casting Secret Six: The Movie, but first we want to hear yours.  Who’s your big-screen dream team to portray Bane, Jeanette, Catman, Deadshot, Ragdoll and Scandal Savage — or Knockout or Black Alice?