Pull List Worthy Comics: January 27

V. knows things, like which comics are worthy.

pull list wor·thy

po͝ol list wərT͟Hē

1. a comic book that is deserving of effort, attention, respect and purchase.
“Since the first issue, The Wicked and The Divine has been consistently pull list worthy.”

It’s Wednesday you beautiful nerd-faced nerds! I am trying to do this pull-list thing weekly to make sure you all stay on track (and in-line) with appropriate comic book choices. And by appropriate, I mean awesome. Check it. Continue reading “Pull List Worthy Comics: January 27”

2012 Memorable Moment: Chew #30

Chew is set to run for 60 issues, and issue #30 marked the half way point. Naturally, it was a big one. Chew #30 is a smorgasbord of memorable moments.

It’s no secret that I am beyond fond of the comic book, Chew. I have enjoyed the series since it started.Every one of the 30 issues thus far have been good. There are not a lot of books you can say that about. John Layman and Rob Guillory know what they are doing, and their combined style is one for the comic hall of fame.

Chew is set to run for 60 issues, and issue #30 marked the half way point. Naturally, it was a big one. Chew #30 is a smorgasbord of memorable moments.

***Spoilers ahead***

Something that will be forever burned into my brain in the most affectionate way: Poyo in a tuxedo. The definition of “perfect” should be edited to feature a picture of this: Continue reading “2012 Memorable Moment: Chew #30”

Poyo v. The Stalk: Who Would Win?

It’s been awhile since we have done a versus poll here at G3, so I am bringing it back with some Image Comics ferocity.

I have told you several times you should be reading Chew. Since you listen to every thing I say, you know exactly who Poyo is. If you don’t know who Poyo is, first be very ashamed of yourself, then listen closely (or click here). Poyo is the fiercest government employed killer rooster you will ever know. He can slice throats with a single swipe of his claw and rip out beating hearts with his beak. Because Poyo has a flawless record of destruction and may be one of the most entertaining characters to splatter blood in comics, he is favored to win.

Our other contender hails from Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ SAGA. The Stalk is an intergalactic assassin with a reputation for getting the job done. Maybe it’s her eight legs, the four different weapons in hand (foot?), or her barbed tongue with the velocity to impale flesh. No matter, facing her means you are as good as dead.

It’s a fight to the death!

Stream of Comicsness – Week of 01.18.2012

V. runs down her pull list – Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Fables, Morning Glories, and of course … CHEW!

Not So Wonderful
Holy crow. Who has been singing the praises of Wonder Woman louder than me? Since issue #1, I have been going on about Cliff Chiang’s beautiful art, and how Brian Azzarello “gets” Diana. Maybe I was just blinded by the light (art). I stand by what I said about Chiang being damn near perfect on this book, but this month’s issue was not drawn by Chiang. So, Azzarello had to do the heavy lifting with the story, and that just did not happen. There is plenty of Greek Mythology. There is another half-breed offspring of Zeus unexpectedly popping in on Diana, Poseidon shows up and Hera is still pissed off. Quelle suprise! Azzarello is a good writer, but this issue falls flat without Chiang’s magic. Tony Akins is the fill in artist, and either DC chose him because he kind of sort of draws like Chiang, or he tried to draw like Chiang. Either way, it was not working for me. It wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t impressed. Akins draws a pretty mean sea monster splash page, but his Diana is all wonky in the face. The proportions seemed off with the other characters as well. Cliff Chiang is a tough act to follow. Continue reading “Stream of Comicsness – Week of 01.18.2012”

Stream of Comicsness – Week of 12.07.2011

Where V. sounds off and reflects on her week in comics.

This Week’s Pull List
Chew #22, Action Comics #4, X-23 #18, and Chew Omnivore Edition Volume 2.

I didn’t get around to reading X-23, I was too busy reading my Chew Omnivore edition.

Ya’ll know I love this book. I am so glad it is going to 60 issues so I don’t have to worry about this gem being cancelled (because you know the good ones often get canned). I get to sit back, and revel in the disgusting, hilarious, weird, awesome that is Chew. Layman and Guillory consistently deliver the goods, and this month is no exception. Layman, I love you for the Curious Case of the Black-Hearted Baristas and the Lethal Lattes, and Rob … you make necro-nomming funny every single time. Continue reading “Stream of Comicsness – Week of 12.07.2011”

G3 Gift Guide: Part V.

ANY day of the year will do for the following First World items my heart so desires. If you are interested in sponsoring a small piece of my geek happiness without anything in return besides a thank you, message me. I’m not kidding.

Ame-Comi Heroine Series: Wonder Woman
I should have bought it when it was first released. My comic shop even had one, and I STILL didn’t buy it. Now, she’s harder to find and way more expensive when you do. I’m not big into figurines (although I do have the Ame-Comi Black Canary), but this gem is an ode to one of my favorite moments in comics when Greg Rucka’s Wondy so magnificently slays Medusa. I feel … like I need it. Continue reading “G3 Gift Guide: Part V.”

Friday Favorite: POYO

“Concentrated mayhem. Feathers, rage, and hate.”

Hatched from the minds of The Mighty Layman and Rob Guillory, he is a chicken of few words. Well, no words, actually. He is a chicken. BUT! That doesn’t stop him from being one of the greatest comic book characters of all time. Brought to you by CHEW and the letter K (for killer-chicken). On this fine Friday the 13th, I give you  … POYO!

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Integrity Fail

V. vents about the apparent similarities between Madame Xanadu #28 and Chew.

So I’ve been stewing on something for a few days now. At first I was all Benefit of the Doubt Girl, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more it bugs me. Of course, it is something I have zero control over and may not fully understand. Perhaps you can help me. Continue reading “Integrity Fail”

Pull List Assessment – Part Two

Vanessa G.’s pull list, and how she feels about it.

E. inspired me to take a crack at my pull list …

I’ll miss you Nimue

These are the books I absolutely cannot live without. If I were broke and had to choose between lunch on Wednesday or these comics … I’d be a hungry fangirl.

Madame Xanadu – Often times, the art on the book is nothing shy of perfect. Amy Reeder does an amazing job. I’d also like to give mega-kudos to Shelly Bond over at Vertigo for this most recent arc, Extra-Sensory. Six books, six different female artists, all of them relatively new to the game with the exception of Reeder. What a wonderful way to shine some light on female comic art talent. Marley Zarcone and Chrissie Zullo are new favorites of mine because of it. But it has been the story all along that stole my heart. Matt Wagner’s Nimue is one whom I will love forever. He’s developed Madame Xanadu into a beautiful character of substance. I am truly sad that this book will be over in two issues. Continue reading “Pull List Assessment – Part Two”

G3 Review: Chew Volume 1 – Taster’s Choice

Cover art by Rob Guillory

Chew Volume 1: Taster’s Choice
Story: John Layman
Art: Rob Guillory
Image Comics

With all the recent shenanigans at DC, I was mad and stuff. So I’m all, “I’m gonna read more indie books!” Chew was on my list of alternative books, and one of the guys in the GP (my Geek Posse) happened to pick up the first trade up at lunch — just as I was heading to lunch. SCORE!

Tony Chu is a cibopath, someone who receives psychic impressions from what they eat. He can see the apple being sprayed with pesticides or the cow hanging in the slaughterhouse. The only thing that doesn’t give him a vision is the beet (Click here for the significance of beets in other fiction). After an abrupt departure from the Philly PD following a botched chicken investigation and cannibalistic moment, Tony now works for the FDA. An alleged bird-flu pandemic has caused a ban on chicken, so the FDA pretty much runs shit in America. Since I’m an organic foodie with a penchant for conspiracy theories, that plot detail equals awesome. Continue reading “G3 Review: Chew Volume 1 – Taster’s Choice”