G3 Review: Chew Volume 1 – Taster’s Choice

Cover art by Rob Guillory

Chew Volume 1: Taster’s Choice
Story: John Layman
Art: Rob Guillory
Image Comics

With all the recent shenanigans at DC, I was mad and stuff. So I’m all, “I’m gonna read more indie books!” Chew was on my list of alternative books, and one of the guys in the GP (my Geek Posse) happened to pick up the first trade up at lunch — just as I was heading to lunch. SCORE!

Tony Chu is a cibopath, someone who receives psychic impressions from what they eat. He can see the apple being sprayed with pesticides or the cow hanging in the slaughterhouse. The only thing that doesn’t give him a vision is the beet (Click here for the significance of beets in other fiction). After an abrupt departure from the Philly PD following a botched chicken investigation and cannibalistic moment, Tony now works for the FDA. An alleged bird-flu pandemic has caused a ban on chicken, so the FDA pretty much runs shit in America. Since I’m an organic foodie with a penchant for conspiracy theories, that plot detail equals awesome. Continue reading “G3 Review: Chew Volume 1 – Taster’s Choice”