E.’s Megacon Highlight Reel

If you’re ever suffering from a case of fan malaise, find the nearest comics/sci-fi/fantasy/anime convention and go. You won’t regret it.

As Megacon reminded me, there’s nothing quite like a con to reconnect a person with the joys of fandom. Spending a few days surrounded by happy people in costumes and talking to the creators who make Wednesdays special are two things that deserve spots on your bucket list.

Some highlights and observations: Continue reading “E.’s Megacon Highlight Reel”

The Not So New DCU

You may have read Erika’s review of Batman Incorporated #2, which is a stellar issue. Everything she said about it is true. Talia most certainly is a great character and Grant Morrison writes her well. But the issue stood out for me because it is full of DC continuity past. Somehow (we all know how), the rules of the relaunch don’t apply to Morrison.

And you know what?

Thank goodness for that.

While the relaunch boosted sales in the short term, and perhaps set up for DC’s attempt at a decent film franchise … almost one year later, I am not impressed with the DCnU. In fact, I am so not impressed that I am on the verge of barely having any DC books left on my pull list. Before, they made up the bulk of it.

Looking back, I was optimistic for B-list characters to get some love – Mr. Terrific, Voodoo, and Justice League Dark. All of which fell from my pull list within a few issues. I liked Blackhawks, but that got canned. I had slobbered all over every solicit for Batwoman, and was ecstatic that Wonder Woman would be drawn by Cliff Chiang. Now, both of those books, while beautiful and featuring characters I adore, are on the verge of being dropped. Continue reading “The Not So New DCU”

G3 Review: Wonder Woman #9

Gown NOT designed by Vera Wang.

G3 has had some issues with Wonder Woman lately. Not the character, but her title. V. summed it up very well in a heartfelt post about her frustration with the comic book’s direction in recent months.

I was OK with writer Brian Azzarello’s dark vision for the Amazons and his revamp of Wonder Woman’s origin, so this isn’t about being anti-change. However, after seeing Diana do something ridiculously gullible in issue #8 and slogging through a disappointing #9, I wonder what happened to the thrilling reboot that came leaping flawlessly out of the gate.

One problem is that the Greek gods have started to crowd Diana out of her own comic, making Wonder Woman more of an ensemble affair than a solo book with a strong central character. You might as well call it Wondy & the Gods. Continue reading “G3 Review: Wonder Woman #9”

Friday Favorite: Wonder Woman

THAT is a warrior princess.

When we started doing Friday Favorites here at G3, the concept was more about featuring B-list characters that we loved. We wanted to shine a light where it isn’t always shining. But this Friday, I want to honor the leading lady of comics because she deserves it. More specifically, I’d like to honor Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s Wonder Woman. She is the Wonder Woman I have been waiting for. Continue reading “Friday Favorite: Wonder Woman”

G3 Review: DCnU Score Card

I have intentionally been quiet about the new DC books these past couple of weeks. Mostly because every site and its mom is reviewing them, E. has covered a few, too. What more could I possibly say that hasn’t been said? Well, I’ve always got something to say. I’m not picking up all of the titles, but of the #1 DC books I have gotten, I have loved, liked, and loathed. Continue reading “G3 Review: DCnU Score Card”

DC Relaunch Rundown: Part Two

While I’m not feeling particularly angsty about the relaunch, I am not terribly excited, either. I am … neutral. I feel like it is just a bunch of new books all at once instead of parsed out. So, I will try the titles that are interesting to me as I would any other time. Another bit of disclosure, my LCS is running a special on the DC #1 titles. If you ordered your #1 picks before a certain date and you don’t like some of them, you can return it for store credit. I am in there every week so store credit is cash money. Kind of takes the edge off. I have broken my list into two parts: Continue reading “DC Relaunch Rundown: Part Two”

DC Relaunch Rundown: Part One

Piggybacking on Thursday’s post, here’s a rundown of the DC comics I’m pulling and/or sampling post-relaunch, and why. It’s a pretty long list, so with a few exceptions, all titles will be retained/cut based on the first three issues. I’m relying on the kindness of my geek friends to sample those not mentioned here. In no particular order: Continue reading “DC Relaunch Rundown: Part One”

Angst Overload

Image from Bleeding Cool.

When DC announced its relaunch, many readers — present company included — had a bit of a meltdown. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I freaked out, but my knee certainly jerked hard enough to cause injury. In my whiniest voice, I declared it to be a short-term exercise in nonsense.

Weeks later, as I looked through the relaunch guide and began adding books to my pull list, I noticed something: Not only had my list grown, but I was (gasp) looking forward to September. Rags Morales and Grant Morrison on Action Comics? Hell, yes! Gail Simone on Fury of Firestorm? Holla! And hey, is that Ron Marz on Voodoo? Sold! Suddenly, characters I didn’t give a rat’s ass about two months ago were linked to some of my favorite creators. It felt like a fresh start … which was the point.

Geeks are sensitive bears. Whether we grew up with certain characters or became wedded to an interpretation of them, we’re wary of change. Continue reading “Angst Overload”

Poll: What’s Your Re-Launch Strategy?

The DC re-launch has dominated the comics conversation since its announcement, and readers are in varying stages of acceptance. But not everyone’s grieving. I’ve heard a handful of people say that this (mostly) clean slate approach is not only necessary, but also smart. The medium is struggling, and most fans would agree that something needs to be done. But is this it?

I’ve got my opinions, but as a consumer with no business experience — and comics are a business — I don’t exactly have a strategic plan for the industry. There are aspects of the re-launch that I find upsetting (feathers on Tim!), and I’m definitely sad to see some of my favorite titles and characters go missing. However, as a Nerd Lunch essay pointed out, it’s not really About Me, and the decision’s been made. So as a reader, I’ve got two choices: Give the new titles a try and make judgments accordingly, or break up with DC. We’ve been together since I was 7 or 8, so I’m not yet ready to call the moving van. Some of the books will be good to great, and others will be mediocre to sucky. That’s pretty much the way it is now.

While I am skeptical, I want this radical plan to succeed because I love comics. When they’re done right, reading them can be a magical experience, or at least a greatly entertaining one. I think more people would agree if they’d just pick one up, but getting comics into the hands of non-readers these days is a mighty big challenge. DC is taking a big gamble in the hopes that old fans will stick around and new ones will be attracted to less intimidating #1 issues.

What’s your take on the re-launch strategy? Are you ready to give it a try or packing your proverbial suitcases?

The DCnU Cover Gallery

The 52 covers for the #1 issues coming in September from DC Comics.

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