Heroic Hotness: Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson: The P.I.M.P. First of all, have you seen him? Heroic but not angsty, flashy but stylishly so, Bruce Wayne's first ward is my gold standard for comic book fineness. There isn't a young woman in the DCU who hasn't thought about doing some acrobatics with Mr. Grayson, or a female reader, for that matter.... Continue Reading →

Squee! of the Week: Lukico’s Gallery

The offerings on Deviant Art are all over the map, but some of them are breathtakingly fresh and creative. That’s where I found the work of artist Lukico, and I am completely in love with her elegant comics-inspired illustrations. While some of the pieces show characters in costume, many of them are beautifully subtle. Take... Continue Reading →

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