Geek Girl We Love: Dominique Agri of Comics Period

G3 interviews Dominique Agri of Comics Period.


Dominique of Comics Period

Dominique Agri is the kind of cool, intelligent woman that we dream of running into at comic shops and hanging out with. Dom, as we call her, is the force behind Comics Period, where she not only blogs about the comics medium, but also does educational videos on the history of characters and their impact on the larger culture — hence the tagline, “The Reading Rainbow of Comic Books.” She also writes the Vlog Girl comic strip (illustrated by Anthony La Hara), which has reflected her adventures as a fangirl in a guy-dominated world. Girls Gone Geek recently interviewed Dom about Comics Period, her origin story, so to speak, and the books that make her look forward to Wednesdays. Continue reading “Geek Girl We Love: Dominique Agri of Comics Period”