DragonCon 2013: Entering the wonderful world of cosplay

After making her cosplay debut at DragonCon 2013, E. has developed a thing for capes.

Dragoncon-NubiaDragonCon is so uniquely festive that it’s entirely possible to have a good time simply by being a voyeur. But after several years of sitting on the sidelines, I decided that it was time to find my inner superheroine, put on a cape and join the cosplaying masses. Project Nubia quickly became a bucket list undertaking that involved an extensive search for comfortable silver boots, driving to another city for a costume fitting, trying out poses in bathroom mirrors and wearing Spanx in the soul-sucking Atlanta heat. Continue reading “DragonCon 2013: Entering the wonderful world of cosplay”

50 Days of DragonCon with The Unique Geek

Erika and Vanessa chat with their friends at The Unique Geek about DragonCon and cosplay.

E. and I are counting the days until DragonCon. I have actually got little numbers on each day of my calender and I check them off as we get closer. This is how excited I am. DragonCon is one of the most special places in the universe with an amazing celebratory spirit, your favorite sci-fi stars, brilliant comic artists and ALL of the cosplay. Speaking of cosplay … I will be Black Canary again, and Erika will be cosplaying for the FIRST TIME.

Our friends at The Unique Geek are lovers of DragonCon, too. Every year they do a countdown podcast – 50 Days of DragonCon. This year, Girls Gone Geek is Day 20 and we talk cosplay.

You can listen to the podcast HERE.

It’s On Like Dragon*Con: V. talks cosplay, comics & fandom over at Stimulated Boredom

Dragon*Con 2012 was a wonderful weekend and a successful journey into my first cosplay experience. I podcast with my precious Padawan, Dana, about Dragon*Con, my Black Canary costume and DC Comics Stimulated Boredom. Give it a listen, won’t you?

Dragon*Con 2012: Fishnets, Festivities & Fandom

Vanessa runs down some of her fangirl highlights from Dragon*Con 2012, pictures included!

Happy Friday, darlings! I just woke up from last weekend, and wow, what a weekend it was. Dragon*Con 2012 was a wildly beautiful celebration of geeky fandom. This con never ceases to be brilliant. So much happened at Dragon*Con this year that I cannot even begin to describe it all. Here are the high points in my experience and some fantastic links from around the interwebs. Continue reading “Dragon*Con 2012: Fishnets, Festivities & Fandom”

Dragon*Con 2012 Photo Gallery

Gone To Dragon*Con!

V. and Bane at Dragon*Con 2010

Two years ago, some friends basically shamed me into going to Dragon*Con. I was going to be in Atlanta anyway, and with my relatives just blocks away from the venue, I had no excuse. They promised me that I wouldn’t regret it.

Before I even made it to registration, I had a total conversion moment. Everywhere I looked, my people were out in full force and rocking every costume imaginable: Obi-Wan, Sailor Moon, Supergirl, Gandalf (complete with an owl accessory!), mohawk Storm, the Ghostbusters and Wolverine had taken over downtown Atlanta, and it was wonderful. Continue reading “Gone To Dragon*Con!”

Tales From Dragon*Con 2010 – Part Deux

Vanessa shares her first Dragon*Con experience!

Holy mother of all that is good and great in this world! I have found my tribe. I had no idea cons are such an amazing experience. I literally floated through my weekend on adrenaline from the energy in downtown Atlanta. There were so many amazing people gathered in one place. From the beautiful and strange to the art and the artists, Dragon*Con was EPIC! Continue reading “Tales From Dragon*Con 2010 – Part Deux”

Tales From Dragon*Con 2010

A recap of Dragon*Con 2010!

Well, that was awesome.

From our arrival inside the festively geeky Marriott Marquis lobby to our departure with trade/artwork-stuffed luggage, V. and I had ourselves a blast at Dragon*Con 2010. If you’re a comic book and sci-fi lover, there’s something incredibly energizing about being at a con, surrounded by so much creativity. Now that we’re back and (somewhat) recovered, it’s time to clean out the notebooks and memory cards to recap all the shenanigans. Continue reading “Tales From Dragon*Con 2010”


Girls Gone Geek is headed to Dragon*Con.

The ladies of Girls Gone Geek are hitting the road today for a giddy, Starbucks-fueled journey to Dragon*Con in Atlanta. While not as well known as SDCC or Baltimore Comic-Con, Dragon*Con is the largest science fiction/pop culture convention in North America — and it’s produced by fans. It’s also a hell of a good time, and if you’re anywhere near the ATL this Labor Day weekend, you should check it out. Continue reading “Dragon*Con-Bound”