Squee! of the Week: Bobby Rubio’s Got Talent – and Jokes

It’s obvious that Bobby Rubio (aka Barry Presh) is a gifted illustrator, but it’s his cheeky sense of humor that quickly grabbed my attention. Check the cred: He’s a story artist for Pixar who has worked at Nickelodeon and Disney, and his comics resume includes Wildstorm and Dark Horse. You might be familiar with his creator-owned books Alcatraz High and 4 Gun Conclusion. Continue reading

WTF? Wednesday: Longsuffering Sue

Saying that Sue Storm has come a long way since the pre-feminist era is like saying Joan Rivers has had a little work done. While the portrayal of female characters was sketchy across the board in decades past, Sue was practically her own category. We know her today as an incredibly powerful heroine, a leader, and the most impressive working mom in comics, but the road to respect was paved with a whole lot of insults and condescension. The source was usually her husband, Reed Richards. Continue reading

WTF? Wednesday: The Fantastic Four Movie You Didn’t See

At the risk of offending Jessica Alba fans the world over, I think most people will agree that the last two Fantastic Four films were pointlesss. Aside from Chris Evans’ fun performance as Johnny Storm, the movies didn’t exactly set the world on fire, pun intended. However, an earlier movie adaptation of the Fantastic Four apparently made Tim Story’s version look like Iron Man by comparison. Continue reading