Firestorm Fan

For a long time, Firestorm was not what you would call a top tier character at DC. And, for a long time, our friend Shag has had a blog devoted to him.  At many a Geek Lunch, I (and everyone else in our posse) have playfully razzed Shag about his Firestorm blog. As much fun … Continue reading Firestorm Fan

Resurrection Rundown

The interwebs are abuzz with reviews praising the colorful conclusion of Blackest Night #8. The art in this book is what really swept me away. That damn fold-out splash page is off-the-charts awesome. Ivan Reis, YOU are a rock star! Heartfelt moments, foreshadowing, resolutions and resurrections abound! J'onn J'onzz: Yippee-mothafuckin'-ki-yay! His death in Final Crisis … Continue reading Resurrection Rundown