Comic Judgment: Surprises and Comeback Kids

As we’ve all discovered by now, the quality of the relaunched DC books has been all over the map, ranging from the brilliant to the WTF? That’s about what I expected. There’s no need for me to write another mash note to Batwoman, Action Comics, Wonder Woman or even Batman and Robin, so on to the rest of the DCnU buy pile we go! For purposes of this post, I’m focusing on some books that I had previously dismissed or that were initially letdowns. Continue reading “Comic Judgment: Surprises and Comeback Kids”

Superman v. The Flash: Who’s Faster?

Can Supes handle the Speedforce?

We all know Superman is “faster than a speeding bullet” and shit. Superman is THE man. But, the Speedforce is pretty epic, especially in regards to one Barry Allen. So, Barry Allen with the power of the Speedforce racing Superman with all the might of the yellow sun …