G3 Gift Guide: 2015 Edition

In the spirit of consumption that reigns over the holiday season, we have procured a list of perfectly geeky gifts.

Ho, ho, dear readers.

This year we here at G3 have set out to make your holiday shopping a breeze. And by breeze we mean Baybreeze, because we’d all rather be somewhere warm with one of those in hand than scrolling through endless webpages in our cold houses, looking at gifts for undeserving friends and spouses.

Below you’ll find our recommendations on everything from books and games to prints and pins. We assure you, they were very carefully curated throughout the year and not at all a list of things we saw online today and wanted for ourselves.

These babies should have you covered on everyone from your mother (Lab Cocktail Kit), to your best friend’s toddler (Lab Cocktail Kit), to your boss who is almost certainly a werewolf (May we suggest… a Lab Cocktail Kit).

Happy shopping, nerds.

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Geek Girls Have “Nothing To Prove”

V. got a little late night inspiration and an epiphany thanks to Gail Simone and The Doubleclicks.

Perusing Twitter is a bedtime ritual of mine and a general side-effect of smartphone addiction. But tonight I happened across something that made me get out of bed and blog. Our darling Gail tweeted this:

Therefore, I had the pleasure of watching this:

I may or may not have welled-up just a bit while watching that. Continue reading “Geek Girls Have “Nothing To Prove””

Unicorns United

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By now, anyone who has anything to do with comics, sci-fi or gaming ought to know that women are a big part of those worlds. There’s an entire con devoted to us. The fact that some still think of us as unusual astounds me, but I guess many people outside the culture have hopelessly outdated notions of what a geek is.

In direct response to the perception that ladies don’t know Loki from Lucifer, my LCS held a festive “Unicorn Party” last week. The name was inspired by a Gail Simone tweet in which she jokingly referred to a conversation between herself and three female writers/artists as, well, a unicorn party. Continue reading “Unicorns United”