G3 Review: Green Lantern-Emerald Warriors #1

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors has got an issue or two to go before earning the loyalty of Vanessa G.

Cover art by Rodolfo Migliari

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Pencils: Fernando Pasarin
Inks: Cam Smith
Colors: Randy Mayor
Letters: Steve Wands
August 11, 2010
DC Comics

As of right now, I am pulling all three Green Lantern books. I really enjoyed the fantastic nature of the Sinestro Corps War, and then it built up to Blackest Night. So, I kept on keeping on. While there was some phenomenal art during Blackest Night, the best stories did not come from the GL titles.

I’ve recently been contemplating dropping Green Lantern. Reis’ art is to die for, but Johns’ writing is not. Now that they’ve shown the teasers about the Indigo Tribe, I may wait another arc. I love the Indigo Tribe. Green Lantern Corps is still enjoyable. But, after the Cyborg Supes story is done, GLC is headed for the chopping block. My thinking in all this is that I would be content to just get Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors. Guy Gardner is a whole lotta lantern. Peter Tomasi has, on many an occasion, impressed the hell out of me with his writing. Continue reading “G3 Review: Green Lantern-Emerald Warriors #1”

Friday Favorite: Guy Gardner

Vanessa G. loves her some Guy Gardner.

He’s saucy to the tenth power in a gritty-I’ll-kick-your-ass kind of way. Despite his tough exterior and hot temper, he’s got a heart of gold. He’s the guy you want as your best friend. I’d say Kyle Rayner is one lucky mofo.

Guy Gardner is what the kids call a good time. I imagine him with a ring in one hand and a drink in another. His brash personality and general trash talking makes me wanna toss back a few with him at some random space bar. Continue reading “Friday Favorite: Guy Gardner”

This Week in Comics FTW

Everything I pulled was a page-turner with top-notch art.

Maybe I had low expectations, but I was surprised by just how good my comics were this week. Everything I pulled was a page-turner with top-notch art. Continue reading “This Week in Comics FTW”