Alan Scott is Gay! Carry On.

So, Alan Scott is gay post-new 52, and the reaction from the Trolliverse is as predictable as it is ridiculous. As our pal George put it, “I do think it’s pretty funny when people are like, “UGH ALAN SCOTT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTER IN COMICS DC YOU REALLY FUCKED UP THIS TIME ALAN SCOTT IS THE MOST CLASSIC DC CHARACTER NOW HE’S GAY WTF.”

Suffice to say that G3 is firmly on the side of diversity, and having a high profile, gay hero in a mainstream comic book is a good thing. The decision is laudable. The execution, not so much.

DC’s coy PR campaign leading up to the reveal was unnecessary and not a little bit exploitative. The company touted the identity of the “iconic” character as a “mystery” and sold it as a “big upcoming twist,” feeding weeks of press hype and prompting the trolls to place their orders for new torches and pitchforks. As publicity baiting goes, this is about as naked as it gets. I’ll be the first one to admit that it stoked my curiosity for a moment. Continue reading “Alan Scott is Gay! Carry On.”

G3 Review: DCnU Score Card

I have intentionally been quiet about the new DC books these past couple of weeks. Mostly because every site and its mom is reviewing them, E. has covered a few, too. What more could I possibly say that hasn’t been said? Well, I’ve always got something to say. I’m not picking up all of the titles, but of the #1 DC books I have gotten, I have loved, liked, and loathed. Continue reading “G3 Review: DCnU Score Card”

G3 Review: Green Lantern

V. reviews the Green Lantern movie.

“The bigger you are, the faster you burn.”

Disclaimer: First and foremost, I am a Green Lantern fangirl. I shall give my best impression of an objective film critic type. Now, shall we?

Let’s start off with a roll call.

Hal Jordan
Behind Hal’s sarcastic, white-bread machismo exists a human determined to get the job done; hence, our willful leading man. Insert Ryan Reynolds. I know many of you were rolling your eyes when he was cast as Hal Jordan, but I was not. I think he fits the character (and that suit) like a glove. Continue reading “G3 Review: Green Lantern”

Poll: What’s Your Summer Superhero Pick?

Which summer comic-inspired movie are you most excited about?

Are you ready for some superheroes? Thor, the first entry in this summer’s cinema geek-a-palooza, is storming a theater near you on May 6. Hot on his mighty Asgardian heels are X-Men First Class (June 3), Green Lantern (June 17), and Captain America: The First Avenger (July 22). The trailers have ranged from “Holy hell!” to “Hmm,” but I predict they’ll all make a truckloads of cash. While I’m generally a DC gal, I have to say that the Captain America promos have blown me away — far more than the DC/Warner Bros. entry Green Lantern. Of course, I’ll end up seeing them all.

What about you? With the embarrassment of riches headed our way, what superhero flick are you most excited about?

Poll Retrospective: Here’s How You Voted

Over the past year, we’ve asked for your opinion on everything from Wonder Woman’s drawers to whether you gave a rat’s ass about the upcoming Green Lantern movie. The results were always entertaining, and frequently surprising. Without further ado, here are the results from polls past:

1. Which version of Diana’s knickers do you prefer?
Given a choice of Nicola Scott’s taut medium, Jim Lee’s warrior skirt, Ed Benes’ quasi G-string and Aaron Lopresti’s granny britches, the clear winner was … Continue reading “Poll Retrospective: Here’s How You Voted”

WTF? Wednesday: Hal Saves the Day … and the Twinkies

It’s all about his Glo-Balls now, but back in 1980, Hal Jordan was more of a Hostess Twinkies man. This classic ad, published in the year of the Winter Olympics, is chock full of wrongness and unintentional comedy gold. Continue reading “WTF? Wednesday: Hal Saves the Day … and the Twinkies”

Green Lantern Lights It Up

So the first footage from the upcoming Green Lantern film is out and there’s a whole lot of quipping and green blasty stuff happening. Ryan Reynolds is his usual charming self, and he looks like he’s having a great time. Of course, geeks appear to be divided over whether the clip looks amazing or cheesy. Since this is all we have to go on for the moment, what do you think?

G3 Review: Green Lantern-Emerald Warriors #1

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors has got an issue or two to go before earning the loyalty of Vanessa G.

Cover art by Rodolfo Migliari

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Pencils: Fernando Pasarin
Inks: Cam Smith
Colors: Randy Mayor
Letters: Steve Wands
August 11, 2010
DC Comics

As of right now, I am pulling all three Green Lantern books. I really enjoyed the fantastic nature of the Sinestro Corps War, and then it built up to Blackest Night. So, I kept on keeping on. While there was some phenomenal art during Blackest Night, the best stories did not come from the GL titles.

I’ve recently been contemplating dropping Green Lantern. Reis’ art is to die for, but Johns’ writing is not. Now that they’ve shown the teasers about the Indigo Tribe, I may wait another arc. I love the Indigo Tribe. Green Lantern Corps is still enjoyable. But, after the Cyborg Supes story is done, GLC is headed for the chopping block. My thinking in all this is that I would be content to just get Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors. Guy Gardner is a whole lotta lantern. Peter Tomasi has, on many an occasion, impressed the hell out of me with his writing. Continue reading “G3 Review: Green Lantern-Emerald Warriors #1”

Friday Favorite: Guy Gardner

Vanessa G. loves her some Guy Gardner.

He’s saucy to the tenth power in a gritty-I’ll-kick-your-ass kind of way. Despite his tough exterior and hot temper, he’s got a heart of gold. He’s the guy you want as your best friend. I’d say Kyle Rayner is one lucky mofo.

Guy Gardner is what the kids call a good time. I imagine him with a ring in one hand and a drink in another. His brash personality and general trash talking makes me wanna toss back a few with him at some random space bar. Continue reading “Friday Favorite: Guy Gardner”

Comic Judgment: A Pull List Overview

I got caught up on a bunch of comics this week. Here’s the lowdown:

Brave and the Bold #33 (Yeah, I know this came out last week, but whatever.): DC’s Brave and the Bold hasn’t been on my pull list since the “Book of Destiny” arc closed out a few years ago, but I approached issue #33 with cautious optimism. Jesus Saiz’s cover image of Zatanna, Wonder Woman and original Batgirl Barbara Gordon walking over the bodies of felled bad guys was irresistible. And since current B&B writer J. Michael Straczynski begins writing Wonder Woman in July, I wanted to get a sense of his vision for my favorite comic book character of all time. No pressure. Continue reading “Comic Judgment: A Pull List Overview”

Resurrection Rundown

The interwebs are abuzz with reviews praising the colorful conclusion of Blackest Night #8. The art in this book is what really swept me away. That damn fold-out splash page is off-the-charts awesome. Ivan Reis, YOU are a rock star! Heartfelt moments, foreshadowing, resolutions and resurrections abound!

J’onn J’onzz: Yippee-mothafuckin’-ki-yay! His death in Final Crisis was so wicked that his return from the dead  seems only fair. My excitement is compounded by my newfound admiration for the character and his Martian method of affection. I am certain the DCU will be a much better place with him in it. He also has the best line of the whole book:

Max Lord: UGH! I hate that guy. Really, really hate that guy. Of course, he chose to come back, and I suspect he is going to be a huge pain in the ass. The silver lining is that I no longer have to tolerate the wholly incorrect portrayal of Diana as a remorseful warrior. She can now be free of her editor-induced guilt for killing him. And finally, Bruce can get off his judgmental high horse and get with that. Go, Batwondy, Go!

Deadman: Why isn’t he supposed to be here? Do you know? I haven’t a clue.

Osiris: This means I’m going to get more Black Adam. Hot damn! They better do it right. The Black Marvels have the potential to be cool characters as long as DC doesn’t make them one-dimensional baddies. Sprinkle a little anti-hero on my beefcake-y Adam and let Isis stay all evil so he can be the one to rein her in. That would be ironic … and interesting. Do it.

Firestorm: This makes Shag happy, and does absolutely nothing for me.

Aquaman: Okay. Yeah. Whatever. We all knew Geoff Johns was going to do this. Yet, I’m still left with questions about the vague, Arthur-centric conversation between Diana and Mera in Blackest Night Wonder Woman #3. I really thought there would be some kind of explanation. Did I miss something?

Hawk: Applause for our homie Chocotaco, who figured this out early on.  Now we can fill in the blacked-out figures on the Birds of Prey #1 cover. How cute! They have bird names.

Reverse-Flash: Ummmm … yeah. I got nothing.

Captain Boomerang: Still nothing.

Jade: She immediately jumps on a stunned Kyle, and kisses him while Soranik watches from the sideline. How much does this suck for Soranik!? I mean the whole scene on Oa when Kyle dies, and Soranik revives his heart with the help of the Star Sapphire; that CAN’T be for naught.  Soranik Natu is my second-favorite Lantern, and Kyle better choose her. That aside, her moment of heartbreak was made tolerable by Kilowog’s sympathetic expression.

Hawkman & Hawkgirl: From their gruesome, violent death to an intensely romantic reunion — what a well-deserved and satisfying resolution. And holy friggin’ cow, she brought Carter to tears. Carter Hall cried, you guys! The reunion kiss was one for the history books, literally. I loved Reis’ detail of Shiera grabbing his hair. This was by far the most monumental of the resurrections. One question though: What about the power source for the Star Sapphires?

Black Hand: The remorseless, serial-killing, psychopath is now enslaved by the Indigo Tribe of compassion. Irony. Justice. Word.

Did anybody else notice how huge the Indigo Tribe was? I’m so gonna miss the Atom in his tribal outfit. It was festive. Speaking of outfits, Wonder Woman’s white lantern getup was pretty hot, and a step up from that Star Sapphire nonsense.

I feel obliged to give our boy Sinestro a few sentences since he was foiled yet again. Old boy was forced to take a back seat and one-upped by Hal, as usual. I had hoped he would have a sort of “come to Jesus” moment with the white light and all. Instead, he was sent back to his character corner, where he’ll have to make do as an arrogant prick. I guess he kinda deserves it.

Thanks, DC, for entertaining me this go ’round. Final Crisis was so dense, and the end was so depressing. Blackest Night provided some much-needed cheesecake, but it was rich, tasty cheesecake. And once again, I gotta give it up to Reis for the art: In the last two panels, Hal and Barry are channeling Adonis.  I would like to order one Hal & Barry sammich to go, please.

Alright. I’m done.