Heroic Hotness: Spock 2.0

Zachary Quinto's Spock: The Sleeper Leonard Nimoy will always be the quintessential Vulcan, but damn if Quinto didn't kick the heat up to five-alarm levels in the 2009 movie. His Spock was arrogant, angry, and dismissive, but also tender and intensely romantic with Uhura. Qunito played Spock as That Guy who is kind of a dick,... Continue Reading →

Heroic Hotness: Sherlock Holmes

RDJ as Sherlock Holmes: The Determination If Robert Downey, Jr. is in a movie, I am going to see it. I think he is a brilliant actor. I was not prepared for how utterly exciting his performance would be as the intense and tough Sherlock Holmes. His Holmes is a logical genius marching to the beat of... Continue Reading →

Heroic Hotness: Huntress

Huntress: The Girl Crush Helena Bertinelli is a ride-or-die chick, and if she's got your back, you are very lucky, indeed. She will eagerly snap a neck for a friend (or her students, if they're threatened), but like her fellow Birds of Prey, she's got a heart of gold. She is also one of the few... Continue Reading →

Heroic Hotness: Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson: The P.I.M.P. First of all, have you seen him? Heroic but not angsty, flashy but stylishly so, Bruce Wayne's first ward is my gold standard for comic book fineness. There isn't a young woman in the DCU who hasn't thought about doing some acrobatics with Mr. Grayson, or a female reader, for that matter.... Continue Reading →

Heroic Hotness: Our Top Geek Crushes

Topless Robot recently dedicated a post to the 11 heroes geeky girls want to date, but who are also probably toxic — Batman, James T. Kirk, and such. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, that got us thinking about the crush-worthy characters who set our hearts aflutter. While some of them probably wouldn't be... Continue Reading →

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