A flamboyant rendering of one of V's favorite new characters.

V. reviews Lazarus #1, L. reviews Akaneiro #2

Lindsey and I have full-length reviews up over at Newsarama's Best Shots Advance column, today. She is loving the Red Riding Hood adaptation, Akaneiro. And I was super-stoked to review Greg Rucka's Lazarus. Both comics feature female protagonists. Both comics are worth your time and money. CHECK IT.

Comic Judgment: Mind the Gap #1

Mind the Gap #1 Written by Jim McCann Art by Rodin Esquejo and Sonia Oback Letters by Dave Lanphear Image Comics is on fire. Week after week, it’s churning out some of the most interesting and innovative comic books around, and Mind the Gap #1 is no exception. On one level, it’s a tantalizing mystery... Continue Reading →

G3 Review: Danger Club #1

Danger Club #1 (Image Comics) Written by Landry Q. Walker Art by Eric Jones and Michael “Rusty” Drake Letters by Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt In comics, every teen hero reaches a point where he or she wants to prove capable of saving the world, or at least the day, without adult supervision. It’s a timeless... Continue Reading →

G3 Review: Alpha Girl #2

Imagine if Archie were a grindhouse film, The Walking Dead met Strange Girl, or Pee Wee from Porky’s rolled up an issue of Chew … and smoked it. These are the things I think of as I read Alpha Girl, but Alpha Girl #2 isn’t quite any of those things. With a zombie apocalypse on the horizon, this intentionally gratuitous tale of a 17-year-old girl tries really hard to be fun. Maybe too hard.

Just Go Buy Saga #1 Already

Saga #1 Written by Brian K. Vaughan Art by Fiona Staples Lettering/Design by Fonografiks Published by Image Comics An exceptional comic book leaves readers thinking not only about the story’s potential, but also the brilliance of what it has already delivered. Saga #1 is that kind of comic. From the beginning, it is obvious that... Continue Reading →

Comic Judgment: All Nighter

Stories about jaded, adrift young adults are plentiful in the indie comics genre, but All Nighter has more to offer than generic hand-wringing. For one thing, there’s that opening line: “My name is Kit Bradley. Nine years ago, I killed my mother.” That is one hell of a teaser, but writer/artist Dave Hahn is taking... Continue Reading →

2010 Memorable Moment: Darla the DJ

I've not been at all shy about my affinity for Miss Darla Danberry. She is, hands down, my favorite character of 2010. Naturally, one of my favorite moments would include her. Her journey from Jersey to The City to make it to the last Forgetless party ever is filled with drama and angst. Ultimately, Darla... Continue Reading →

2010 Memorable Moment: Daramount!

Miss Daramount, the headmistress of Morning Glory Academy, is the sexy librarian from hell. And from the moment she appears in Morning Glories #1, you can't look away. Miss D. is the perfect 21st Century villain. Even as she sanctions (or carries out) the torture of her students, she insists that it's for their own... Continue Reading →

Read This, Too: Forgetless

Girls Gone Geek is participating in a comic blog crossover event to tell readers about good books that are a little under the radar. V.'s pick is Nick Spencer's Forgetless.

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