Squee! of the Week: Charles Holbert Jr.’s Gallery

When an artist can do a Golden Age parody/tribute cover so well that it makes you do a double-take, s/he is pretty damned talented. Charles Holbert Jr. is a gifted illustrator who can do that and a whole lot more. I’m crushing on his gallery right now. Continue reading “Squee! of the Week: Charles Holbert Jr.’s Gallery”

Change Comes To Riverdale!


When word got out last spring that Archie had gotten off the fence and proposed to Veronica, news outlets and old fans went nuts. But as far as I’m concerned, the solicitation for Archie #608 — which suggests young Mr. Andrews has been swapping more than guitar licks with Valerie, the African-American member of Josie & the Pussycats — blows that event out of the water. Here’s a sampling of the reaction from some friends, who are all jaded media types: Continue reading “Change Comes To Riverdale!”