NRRD PROBZ – 01.15.2013

Hello lovelies. Goodness has it been a week already? I might have to make this column bi-weekly until things calm down a little on my end. A crushing blow, I know. In other news, due to the popularity of my threat to turn an installment of this column into one focused on butts, I have... Continue Reading →

Showing Your LCS Some Love

If you’re lucky, your local comics shop (LCS) has a great selection of books AND an owner who’s knowledgeable and fun to talk to. When collecting my Wednesday haul, I always enjoy gabbing with my LCS owner, Brian, about everything from the future of Teen Titans to The Great Ten ending at issue #9. V.... Continue Reading →

Comic Shop Unicorn-Spotting

My LCS isn’t exactly conveniently located, so I have to plan my Wednesday pick-ups strategically. If I don’t get them on my lunch break, I have to be sufficiently motivated to drive in the opposite direction of my house on a cold winter evening. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to brave some crappy... Continue Reading →

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