Alan Scott is Gay! Carry On.

So, Alan Scott is gay post-new 52, and the reaction from the Trolliverse is as predictable as it is ridiculous. As our pal George put it, “I do think it’s pretty funny when people are like, “UGH ALAN SCOTT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTER IN COMICS DC YOU REALLY FUCKED UP THIS TIME ALAN SCOTT... Continue Reading →

Comic Judgment: Over the Reignbow!

For whatever reason, many the comics I’ve been reading lately are firmly planted on the dark side. There may be elements of humor and playfulness, but sometimes I need a drink by the time I’ve waded through my weekly stash. That’s one reason I was so very delighted to see issue #3 of Reignbow and... Continue Reading →

Welcome Back, Kevin!

About two years ago, my son, now 11, popped the “What does ‘gay’ mean?” question. I answered plainly, and he made a little face. Not in an “I’m Pat Robertson way” but a “Gee, that’s … odd” way. We had a brief talk about it not being odd at all, and then — shiny object!... Continue Reading →

A Word About Diversity

  By now, you've probably seen Gail Simone's fierce, utterly awesome rebuttal to an aspiring comic book writer who said, essentially, that characters should not be forced on publishers for the sake of inclusion. Specifically, gay characters. This person's argument is annoying for a number of reasons, but what struck me is how frequently I've... Continue Reading →

Riverdale, Uncloseted

Man, Archie Comics are all about the progressive plot developments lately. Riverdale not only gave a shout-out to interracial dating this week via Archie #608, but also announced the arrival of its first openly gay character. And no, it isn't Jughead. Or Mr. Weatherbee. Veronica Lodge's milkshake has been bringing all the boys to the... Continue Reading →

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