2010 Memorable Moment: Darla the DJ

Eye of the Teenage Tiger!

I’ve not been at all shy about my affinity for Miss Darla Danberry. She is, hands down, my favorite character of 2010. Naturally, one of my favorite moments would include her.

Her journey from Jersey to The City to make it to the last Forgetless party ever is filled with drama and angst. Ultimately, Darla and her under age cohorts are triumphant. Better late than never. Especially when the internationally renowned DJ is bored by 3 a.m., and doesn’t mind someone filling in at the DJ booth. It’s these moments that we live for. When something utterly unexpected happens, that is an absolute dream. A hipster, wannabe DJ/designer, Jersey teen, too cool and creative for the suburbs she is confined to, makes it to the hottest party of the year … and gets to DJ! Not only will she be the talk of the school on Monday, but she’ll remember the moment forever. So will I.

This being a sort of shout-out to great shit in 2010, I’d like to show love to Darla’s creators: Nick Spencer and Marley Zarcone.

Nick Spencer gets my vote for really doin’ it to it all damn year. Spencer’s writing is smart and addictive. I love that he has gained the accolades and momentum that will keep him in the industry for years to come. Clearly, I’ve got a bit of a love affair going on with his writing, but that seed was planted with Darla. She is pure spitfire and brilliance.

Darla’s  gem of a personality is perfected by how she is drawn. All praise to Marley Zarcone, who is definitely one of my favorite artists of the past year. Marley’s art is stylized and simple, but just bursting with beautiful character. I would buy any book Marley is on, hands down.

Friday Favorite: Darla Danberry

Holy Hipster Batman!

She’s saucy, bossy, and possesses the most glorious potty-mouth in South Jersey. She reminds me of ME when I was sixteen. Yeah, sure, I was something of a teenage terror, but Darla Danberry and I would have been fast friends. Few things trumped getting into the hottest party in the city. Her freckle-faced disregard for authority and misguided ambition sings to my club chick soul. Continue reading

Read This, Too: Forgetless

I’d seen the issues of Forgetless at my LCS a time or two, and it subtly aroused my interest. The cover art is lovely. Ultimately, I passed on purchasing it until I experienced Marley Zarcone’s art in Madame Xanadu #24. That sealed the deal for me and Forgetless. I had to have more Marley, who is one of the three very talented Forgetless artists. Jorge Coelho, W. Scott Forbes, and Marley Zarcone combine to create a wicked aesthetic I’d not seen before. Continue reading