Pull List Worthy Comics: January 20

V. tells you which comics to read this week.

pull list wor·thy

po͝ol list wərT͟Hē

1. a comic book that is deserving of effort, attention, respect and purchase.
“Bitch Planet is such a provocative read, it is totally pull list worthy.”

Happy Wednesday, nerds! I have cultivated a fine list of pull list worthy comics for you to check out when you hit your comic shop this week. In the mean time, tell me what’s on your pull list in the comments! Continue reading “Pull List Worthy Comics: January 20”

Kamala Khan Day!

Ms. Marvel #1 is a must-read, must-buy comic.

There’s been plenty of buzz surrounding the release of Ms. Marvel #1 featuring a new title character, Kamala Khan. Kamala is a 16 year-old Pakistani-American, Muslim geek girl who loves the Avengers, fantasizes about being super and just wants to fit in with her peers. Continue reading “Kamala Khan Day!”