Friday Favorite: Spy Smasher

Combine every relentless hardass you've ever known, add a dose of supreme confidence and combat training, provide scary federal credentials, and put it all in one intimidating package topped off with a severe ponytail. The result? Katrina Armstrong, aka Spy Smasher.As written by Gail Simone in the Birds of Prey “Blood and Circuits” arc, Ms.... Continue Reading →

Comic Judgment: Titans, Together!

Teen Titans #88 Writer: J.T. Krul Art: Nicola Scott, Doug Hazlewood (ink), Jason Wright (color), Adam Hughes (variant cover) Letters: Sal Cipriano When I got back into comics several years ago, I fell hard for Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans. I’d enjoyed the Wolfman/Perez stuff back in the day, and it seemed to me that Johns’ modern... Continue Reading →

G3 Review: Blackest Night-Wonder Woman #3

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3 Writer: Greg Rucka Pencils: Nicola Scott Inks: Jonathan Glapion Colors: Nei Ruffino DC Comics February 3, 2010 Nicola Scott's rendering of Wonder Woman makes me want to go to the gym in the worst way. I mean that as a compliment, because Scott manages to make heroines' bodies womanly, strong... Continue Reading →

The Amazon’s New Clothes

Nothing raises our hackles quite like hearing someone say Wonder Woman is lame. (Hello, Megan Fox.) For example, one of V's friends (we'll call him The Antagonist) takes great joy in claiming, among other things, that Bobby Drake could kick her ass, and that the princess would "look real pretty in a pink tutu, carrying... Continue Reading →

G3 Flashback: Bootylicious!

An occasional look at our favorite panels from comics past.   I can't say enough about artist Nicola Scott, who has generated some gorgeous panels during her Secret Six run. But she outdid herself in issue #9 with a cameo appearance from a certain member of the Bat family. This "Battle for the Cowl" tie-in... Continue Reading →

G3 Review: Secret Six #16

Secret Six #16 Writer: Gail Simone Penciller: Peter Nguyen Inkers: Doug Hazelwood & Mark McKenna DC Comics December 9, 2009 The Story *Spoiler Alert* We've all watched movies with serial killers where you wished nothing more than for Justice to assail them squarely in the nuts.  Well, our favorite amoral anti-heroes of Secret Six do... Continue Reading →

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