G3 Gift Guide: Part E.

You could argue that every Wednesday is a holiday for those of us who get a weekly comic book fix. We play Santa Claus to ourselves, merrily leaving the LCS with a fresh stack and maybe a few … unplanned purchases that prompt our significant others to ask what the hell is up with these... Continue Reading →

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

When is it time to break up with a comic book? Sometimes, the decision is obvious: The comic's quality plunges or goes in a direction you don't like. Maybe the writer and/or artist changes and their work doesn't move you. But let's say you're reading a book that you've enjoyed for a long time, one... Continue Reading →

G3 Flashback: Bootylicious!

An occasional look at our favorite panels from comics past.   I can't say enough about artist Nicola Scott, who has generated some gorgeous panels during her Secret Six run. But she outdid herself in issue #9 with a cameo appearance from a certain member of the Bat family. This "Battle for the Cowl" tie-in... Continue Reading →

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