NRRD PROBZ – 03.26.2013

With yr pal Lindsey

Heyyyy you guyyyyyys!

Sincerest apologies for the distress my latest hiatus must have caused all of you. I was, as you may know, in the process of moving around Brooklyn trying to find a lease at a decent place and we have finally secured one! The agony is over!

In other exciting news, I can officially confirm that I am the newest addition to the Midtown Comics team in Manhattan! I am super excited to be working for such an awesome place and will very soon be up to my eye skins in nrrd probz to share with all of you. Of course, if you have your own, you know where to send them.

Here are a few probz that have been lying around my inbox and making me feel guilty: Continue reading “NRRD PROBZ – 03.26.2013”

NRRD PROBZ – 01.29.2013

Hey pals.

I know you know that things have been pretty cray cray on my end with moving and jobs and other shenanigans, so I apologize for any past or future lulls in columns. I have officially decided to write this column on a less routine basis. It’ll just be posted whenever I have enough questions submitted or when some issue arises that I think pertains to this column and should be written about. In the interim I’ll be writing more straight forward stuff about current comics and such.

SO with that all out of the way let’s see what we have this week. Continue reading “NRRD PROBZ – 01.29.2013”

NRRD PROBZ – 01.15.2013

Hello lovelies. Goodness has it been a week already? I might have to make this column bi-weekly until things calm down a little on my end. A crushing blow, I know.

In other news, due to the popularity of my threat to turn an installment of this column into one focused on butts, I have decided to do just that! Continue reading “NRRD PROBZ – 01.15.2013”

NRRD PROBZ – 01.08.2013

Lindz is back at it answering a fresh batch of your NRRD PROBZ. D&D, Downton Abbey, and anime!

Hello dear ones. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and is taking in the New Year by being drunk every waking moment like I am. Just kidding. Only on weekends and around family.

Well, this has been a busy few weeks off for me and I’m sure for you too. I’ve relocated myself to Manhattan and started a new job as well as trying to find a permanent residence. Shit is bananas all around. So bear with my while I try to find my *ahem* bearings and get back on track with the writing biznizz. Continue reading “NRRD PROBZ – 01.08.2013”

NRRD PROBZ – 12.11.2012

Hello, dear readers. Just as a heads up this is going to be the last NRRD PROBZ of 2012. It will return on January 8th, so have a wonderful holiday and send in those questions!

“Gail Simone got sacked! If I wanted to start reading some Gail Simone books, where do I start?”

I KNOW WHAT’S UP WIDDAT? We here at G3 are currently mourning the loss, and may continue to do so for some time.

In the interim, you could start out your Simone quest with one of her runs on Secret Six. They are great fun and really accessible to newer readers. Her first collected work on it is entitled “Six Degrees of Devastation” and includes all six issues of the mini series. I would read this first, not only because it is chronological, but because when using this as a starting point you really get to see her grow into the series later on. Continue reading “NRRD PROBZ – 12.11.2012”

NRRD PROBZ – 12.04.2012

Where Lindsey bares her Hellblazer soul and offers the usual round of super-sound nrrdy advice.

Greetings and salutations. I come to you this week feeling low and defeated after failing to beat the Elite Four and Champion in Pokémon Platinum AGAIN. Sigh. Life is so hard sometimes. Anyway, this installment contains questions my cat asked me because she’s been having a really hard time with nrrd probz recently.

“I just started watching Big Bang Theory after some friends encouraged me to watch it, but it’s not really my thing. Are there any other nerdy shows worth looking into?”

I’m no television expert since I do not own one, but I DO partake in Netflix and THE INTERNET so I can help you to a certain extent. Some of these might not fall into the same category as Big Bang Theory, but they are all fantastic and you should view them if you haven’t already. Continue reading “NRRD PROBZ – 12.04.2012”

NRRD PROBZ – 11.27.2012

Hello friends! Hope everyone had a lovely holiday, and continues to do so throughout the rest of the year. I’m going to be on the road for the remainder of 2012, so your questions are more appreciated than ever as I make my way across the country and partake in family times. You know where to send ’em!

“I’ve got 3 kids. The oldest is 16 just like me. Comics, cartoons, toys, and video games, he’s into it and proud of it, moreso than I ever dared to be at his age. The youngest is 6 and hopes she’ll be picking up the G3 baton one day. She loves cartoons, Robin (don’t mention Starfire to her, she gets pissed), and loves her Batman and Ahsoka tee shirts. The middle one is my problem. I think she’s embarrassed by me around her friends. If I pick her up at dance class, she’ll wait to associate with me once her “friends” have left the building and will stall until everyone else has left so they don’t see her leaving with me. I’ve accidentally worn my Secret Wars cover tee shirt and after seeing the side-eyes and behind-the-hand comments from her friends, have chosen to throw on a sweatshirt or change my shirt when on taxi duty now. What do I do? Let Mom pick her up from now on? Wait in the car?”

Well this is a bit of a delicate matter. I’m torn between championing you as the parent and her as the young girl dealing with everything that comes with growing up. But seeing as you are so gracious as to put your daughters comfort above your own, even if in the face of her ignorant “friends,” then we’ll take that route. Continue reading “NRRD PROBZ – 11.27.2012”

NRRD PROBZ – 11.13.2012

Hello dear readers. This week we are talking about the ladies. Creators, characters, and consumers. Thank you all for your questions this week, and keep ’em coming!

“I have recently been getting into mainstream comics (mostly Marvel, aspiring for some DC) after years and years of being too afraid and not knowing where to start. I would love to read some books by female creators, or well-written stories about female protagonists. Gail Simone is next on my list, and any other suggestions you have for titles or writers/artists to follow would be very helpful!”

YOU GO GRRL way to get into them comic berks! Gail Simone is a great place to start, so you’re on the right track. Here are some suggestions for further reading: Continue reading “NRRD PROBZ – 11.13.2012”

NRRD PROBZ – 11.06.2012

With yr pal: Lindsey Morris

You guyyyyys I don’t want to have to talk about myself again NEXT week! Send those questions in! About whatever!

“What is the worst/most offensive thing you have experienced working at the comic shop because of your gender? And on the flip side, have you ever had a wonderful experience at the comic shop … because of your gender?”

You know, I have this habit of suppressing bad memories, so the first part of your question is stumping me a bit. Also, I just don’t think that anything too terrible has happened. Pretty mild offenses to me, but I’m just an understanding person.

The stores I’ve worked at have had great clientele for the most part, it’s the casual customer that I usually have trouble with. Continue reading “NRRD PROBZ – 11.06.2012”

NRRD PROBZ – 10.30.2012

Hello, dear readers. Happy almost Halloween! This week I am going to be answering some scandalous questions sent by some enterprising young ladies.

Hello, dear readers. Happy almost Halloween! This week I am going to be answering some scandalous questions sent by some enterprising young ladies. Enjoy, and keep those questions coming!

“My boyfriend thinks that Batman underoos are sexy. Would it be better to get myself some or as a joke buy him a pair?”

I totally agree with your boyfriend on this one. Batman underoos are sexy as hell. I suggest you get a pair for the both of you. If you’re embarrassed about wearing them, seeing him in a matching pair might take the edge off. And hey, you might find out that you enjoy it! Then it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to role-playing! Continue reading “NRRD PROBZ – 10.30.2012”

NRRD PROBZ – 10.23.2012

With yr pal: Lindsey Morris

This week, dear readers, it is I who has a problem. Mostly likely you have seen this in your DC comics from last week, but in case you haven’t, here is the gist. DC is running a College Humor ad in their issues which could be considered largely offensive to women and also just everyone! The humor website has five other “great villains of nerd culture,” all of which made me lose brain cells as I read their offenses against … I don’t know … well-adjusted, casual readers? Continue reading “NRRD PROBZ – 10.23.2012”

NRRD PROBZ – 10.16.2012

With yr pal: Lindsey Morris

“I’m wondering if you have a favorite geek-ref song… or if you would suggest any? Siouxsie and the Banshees and U2 did Batman soundtrack contributions… did they work, or should the bands have known better?”

Geek-ref songs used to be my lifeblood and I used to think MC Chris was the coolest. Nowadays I don’t really care about the burgeoning nrrd core genre, but there’s still some decent stuff out there. Check out Nacho Picasso’s “Marvel” and Weezer’s “In the Garage.” Continue reading “NRRD PROBZ – 10.16.2012”


With yr pal: Lindsey Morris

Oh god. It’s my first article. And I don’t know what to do.

HULLO! I’m new here.

I’ve ahhh… created this here column, “NRRD PROBZ,” with the idea that all of you readers can submit said problems and/or inquiries, and I will do my best to answer them! I know there are many concerns/complaints when it comes to this industry, especially for women. Comic-land is not always the safe and welcoming environment of our dreams. So please, in the coming days, weeks, and months, share your concerns with me. Tell me your problems. I will answer with the sagest advice my gigantic brain can conjure up.

Now perhaps you are wondering, “Who is this strange person? And what on earth qualifies her to give advice?” Well, tough noogs. I am a lady of mystery and refuse to reveal my dark past. However, I can tell you the following savory nuggets: Continue reading “NRRD PROBZ”

New Kid on the Block

Much to V.’s delight, the “3” in “G3” becomes even more literal.

I love my local comic shop. I love it for all of the obvious reasons: comics, friends … comics. It’s a small, quaint place tucked between art galleries where everyone knows your name. Okay. Only two people work there. So, two people know my name. And they should. I am in there every week, and have been for six years.

In those six years there was one comic shop clerk that I became particularly fond of. A fellow lady geek with a quick wit and smart taste in comics by the name of Lindsey. Continue reading “New Kid on the Block”