NRRD PROBZ – 01.29.2013

Hey pals. I know you know that things have been pretty cray cray on my end with moving and jobs and other shenanigans, so I apologize for any past or future lulls in columns. I have officially decided to write this column on a less routine basis. It'll just be posted whenever I have enough... Continue Reading →

NRRD PROBZ – 01.15.2013

Hello lovelies. Goodness has it been a week already? I might have to make this column bi-weekly until things calm down a little on my end. A crushing blow, I know. In other news, due to the popularity of my threat to turn an installment of this column into one focused on butts, I have... Continue Reading →

NRRD PROBZ – 12.11.2012

Hello, dear readers. Just as a heads up this is going to be the last NRRD PROBZ of 2012. It will return on January 8th, so have a wonderful holiday and send in those questions! "Gail Simone got sacked! If I wanted to start reading some Gail Simone books, where do I start?" I KNOW... Continue Reading →

NRRD PROBZ – 11.27.2012

Hello friends! Hope everyone had a lovely holiday, and continues to do so throughout the rest of the year. I'm going to be on the road for the remainder of 2012, so your questions are more appreciated than ever as I make my way across the country and partake in family times. You know where... Continue Reading →

NRRD PROBZ – 11.13.2012

Hello dear readers. This week we are talking about the ladies. Creators, characters, and consumers. Thank you all for your questions this week, and keep 'em coming! "I have recently been getting into mainstream comics (mostly Marvel, aspiring for some DC) after years and years of being too afraid and not knowing where to start.... Continue Reading →

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