Comic Judgment: Hoods, Magicians, and Maidens

My pull list was DC-heavy and full of goodies last week, and a book that I was dreading turned out to be an unexpected pleasure. Let’s get to the highlights, shall we?

Batman and Robin #23: The solicits for this issue made me very nervous, especially since Batman and Robin is one of my favorite DC books at present. In general, Judd Winick’s writing isn’t my cup of tea, and I’ve struggled with Jason Todd’s resurgence as the Red Hood. However, Winick clearly enjoys writing this character, and his enthusiasm is contagious in the first chapter this arc, “The Streets Run Red.”

There’s no denying the power of Jason’s daddy issues with Batman, or the Dark Knight’s perpetual guilt over Jason’s legendary death as Robin II. It must cut pretty deep when your former sidekick openly mocks your no-killing code, and tells you that he wants out of Arkham because he’s not crazy, “simply homicidal.” So when Jason gets his requested transfer to Gotham City Corrections, what could possibly go wrong? Continue reading “Comic Judgment: Hoods, Magicians, and Maidens”

2010 Memorable Moment: Daddy and Zee

A heartfelt character-defining moment for Zatanna.

I previously had no preference for Zatanna one way or another, but I am big into the magic characters. When she got her own book, I only hoped it would be good. The book has been stellar with Dini at the helm. Zatanna is a joy to read. Straight out of the gate, the book felt like classic story-telling at it’s finest. The first arc was truly satisfying, particularly in issue #3.

I cried.

After freeing her father, Zee proceeded to kick Brother Night’s ass … Magi style. Zatanna frees the souls of the thirteen children slaughtered by Brother Night, thus relinquishing him of his diabolical power. This is absolutely beautiful work by Stephane Roux and John Kalisz.

I cried, again.

Tales From Dragon*Con 2010

A recap of Dragon*Con 2010!

Well, that was awesome.

From our arrival inside the festively geeky Marriott Marquis lobby to our departure with trade/artwork-stuffed luggage, V. and I had ourselves a blast at Dragon*Con 2010. If you’re a comic book and sci-fi lover, there’s something incredibly energizing about being at a con, surrounded by so much creativity. Now that we’re back and (somewhat) recovered, it’s time to clean out the notebooks and memory cards to recap all the shenanigans. Continue reading “Tales From Dragon*Con 2010”

This Week in Comics FTW

Everything I pulled was a page-turner with top-notch art.

Maybe I had low expectations, but I was surprised by just how good my comics were this week. Everything I pulled was a page-turner with top-notch art. Continue reading “This Week in Comics FTW”