2011 Memorable Moment: Peter Parker’s Ultimate Sacrifice

When you read a lot of comics, it takes something truly special to stand out from the pile of panels and pages. As 2011 winds down, V. and I are taking our annual look back at the moments that stuck with us long after the issues went into the longbox. And we’re not only covering books this year, but also other comics-related delights that struck our fancy. Without further ado, I’m kicking off with a page that had me in tears. Continue reading “2011 Memorable Moment: Peter Parker’s Ultimate Sacrifice”

Spider-Man vs. Red Robin: Who Would Win?

One has arachnid-derived superpowers and exceptional intelligence. The other graduated with honors from Batman’s School of Hard Knocks. Peter Parker and Tim Drake are both highly capable crime fighters with a surplus of combat experience and brain power, and they’re both so doggone likable. Peter’s super-strength and agility, combined with his spider sense and web-shooting are formidable enough, but he also knows how to out-think his opponents. Tim may be an even sharper detective than his mentor, and he’s usually a step (or five) ahead of his foes. He’s also fierce in a battle. But in a face-off between Spider-Man and Red Robin, which young hero would take the title?

Five Swoon-Worthy Comic Book Moments

Valentine’s Day is over, but we’re spreading the love for one more day. Today’s post is dedicated to some  romantic comic book moments that sorely tested our smudge-proof mascara. Continue reading “Five Swoon-Worthy Comic Book Moments”