Brightest Day: The End of the Road

Dear Brightest Day: From the beginning, this was a marriage of convenience. You were the next big thing in event comics; I wanted to remain in the DC loop. I’d already dropped some middling books from my pull list (See ya, Green Lantern!), so I figured there was room for you in my life. Surely,... Continue Reading →

G3 Review: Phantom Stranger #42

Phantom Stranger #42 Script: Peter Tomasi Pencils: Ardian Syaf Inks: Vincente Cifuentes Colors: Ulises Arreola DC Comics January 20, 2010 *Spoiler Alert* We open with the Stranger and Blue Devil in a confrontation with the Black Lantern Spectre. Their goal: to draw the real Spectre out, and to prevent the BL Spectre from going after... Continue Reading →

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