An oldie but a goodie. Phil Noto's Batgirl is just delightful.

An exquisite Captain Marvel by Phil Noto. Seriously. This is so pretty.

V. MEGA-reviews Remender’s Uncanny X-Force

For the past two years, Rick Remender's Uncanny X-Force has been something I quite looked forward to on Wednesdays. At a time when many of my favorite superhero comics were not that great or being canceled, Uncanny X-Force was a consistently good title and filled that superhero space in my heart. So, when the opportunity... Continue Reading →

7 Days From Hell (Yeah!)

  If you're hemming and hawing over whom to vote for in Top Cow's annual Pilot Season contest, let us help. G3’s unequivocal, unanimous choice is 7 Days from Hell, the Bryan Edward Hill/Rob Levin-penned story of a former mercenary who escaped death (and hell) at a terrible price. Protagonist John Bishop is now a... Continue Reading →

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