Now Read This: Action Lab’s Molly Danger

Girl power! Read the excellent “Molly Danger” Free Comic Book Day issue featuring “Princeless” right here.

Of all the comics I scored on Free Comic Book Day – and there were many – the one I truly couldn’t wait to read was Action Lab Comics’ Molly Danger from Jamal Igle, featuring G3 favorite Princeless written by Jeremy Whitley. It combines several things that comics could use more of these days. It’s an endlessly fun book that’s exciting and appropriate for kids without being condescending, and it puts strong, smart, spirited girls front and center. There’s a joy in Igle’s narrative and gorgeously detailed art that serves as a very welcome contrast to the darkness that sometimes overwhelms comic books. Whitley’s “Girls Who Fight Boys” story, starring plucky heroines Adrienne and Bedelia from the much-celebrated Princeless, is a perfect companion.

If you missed this delightful FCBD offering, don’t fret. Action Lab Comics graciously shared the issue with G3, and you can read it right here. Enjoy!

‘Princeless’ is Royally Entertaining

Published by Action Lab Comics
Written by Jeremy Whitley
Art by M. Goodwin and D.E. Belton
Letters by Jung-Ha Kim

The first time I saw previews of the new comic Princeless, I knew immediately that I wanted to get it for my 7-year-old daughter. But while it’s a great book for kids, it’s also a smart, funny and just plain delightful read that should appeal just as much to adults.

Written by Jeremy Whitley, Princeless stars Adrienne, a sharp young princess who calls complete BS on the typical happily-ever-after tale. After her mother narrates the Rapunzel story, Adrienne offers a scathing, brilliant critique while pointing out numerous plot holes. A dragon dies after one sword blow? Really? And how the heck did Rapunzel even get down considering her lack of muscle tone?

“Did you see that girl’s arms?” Adrienne asks, outraged. “They’re pipe cleaners! She’s not climbing down anything!”

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