G3 Review: Secret Six #22

Secret Six #22 Writer: Gail Simone Artist: J. Calafiore DC Comics Released: June 9, 2010 The comics that I deem "good" are the ones that really tug my emotions or shock the shit out of me. The final installment of the Secret Six "Cats in the Cradle" story arc was a full on jaw-dropper, kids.... Continue Reading →

Friday Favorite: Ragdoll

It is no secret that the ladies of G3 love Secret Six. A key ingredient to the Six's magic is the loopy and lovable Ragdoll. While charming as ever, make no mistake; he has no scruples making him particularly dangerous in a fight. His lunatic perception of reality fuel his absurd one-liners, and make for festive (and hilarious)... Continue Reading →

Secret Six Casting Call

With all due respect to Green Lantern and Batman, the live-action superhero movie DC/Warner Brothers ought to be making isn’t really about heroes at all. Two words: Secret. Six. Aside from being one of the most consistently good mainstream comics around, the current incarnation of Secret Six is a carnival ride of moral ambiguity; wildly... Continue Reading →

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