G3 Review: DCnU Score Card

I have intentionally been quiet about the new DC books these past couple of weeks. Mostly because every site and its mom is reviewing them, E. has covered a few, too. What more could I possibly say that hasn't been said? Well, I've always got something to say. I'm not picking up all of the... Continue Reading →

Action Comics #1: Believe the Hype

If DC Comics wants to get more people onto the New 52 Express, its executives need to be on street corners handing out copies of the stellar Action Comics #1. Where the OK-ish Justice League #1 was the opening act that drew polite applause, this is the star attraction that brings people to their feet.... Continue Reading →

Arcs of Awesome: Identity Crisis

Ever since we launched Girls Gone Geek, V. and I have been asked about our favorite stories and what we recommend to people who want to get into comics. Our lists are always evolving and growing, but we've long wanted to spotlight the game-changing books that have stoked our fangirl fire over the years. Today,... Continue Reading →

G3 Review: First Wave #1

First Wave #1 Script: Brian Azzarello Art: Rags Morales Colors: Nei Ruffino DC Comics March 3, 2010 As a fledgling fangirl, I mostly read what others loaned me. In time, I learned what I liked and didn’t. Much of what I enjoy is of the Spandex persuasion and has a strong female presence. Thus, First... Continue Reading →

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