Diana: Princess of Pleather

Insert catty Michael Kors comment here.

Somewhere, Jim Lee is breathing a sigh of relief. While his Wonder Woman costume redesign ruffled the feathers of fans and the fashion-conscious public at large, he looks like Zac Posen compared to the person who unleashed this pleather horror of adult superstore chic here. As you already know, this is the first photo of Adrianne Palicki — star of the pending Wonder Woman TV show — in costume. To be fair, some of you guys dug it, but the reviews overall have been scathing. Here’s a sampling of your commentary from our Facebook page:

“Kill it. Kill it with fire.”

“Lasso looks like braided sparkle Barbie hair.”

“Ugh Ugh Ugh.”


“Somewhere in America, someone is missing the lining to their kiddie  swimming pool.”

“It takes something like this to make Jim Lee’s biker redesign look good.”

“It beats most [all] of Smallville’s tries at costumes.”

“The actress doesn’t look like she’s kicking butt anywhere but a MAC counter.” Continue reading “Diana: Princess of Pleather”

A Word About Diversity


A character, not a "statement"

By now, you’ve probably seen Gail Simone’s fierce, utterly awesome rebuttal to an aspiring comic book writer who said, essentially, that characters should not be forced on publishers for the sake of inclusion. Specifically, gay characters. This person’s argument is annoying for a number of reasons, but what struck me is how frequently I’ve heard versions of this from otherwise reasonable people. Continue reading “A Word About Diversity”