Gwendolyn Steals the Show

Throughout its nine-issue run, Saga has been rich with original characters who grab the eye and, occasionally, the heart. Who can forget The Stalk, the half woman-half insect given to salty, amusing dialogue? Or Prince Robot IV, a monarch with an analog television for a head? And now we have the stunning mystery woman whose... Continue Reading →

Poyo v. The Stalk: Who Would Win?

It's been awhile since we have done a versus poll here at G3, so I am bringing it back with some Image Comics ferocity. I have told you several times you should be reading Chew. Since you listen to every thing I say, you know exactly who Poyo is. If you don't know who Poyo... Continue Reading →

Just Go Buy Saga #1 Already

Saga #1 Written by Brian K. Vaughan Art by Fiona Staples Lettering/Design by Fonografiks Published by Image Comics An exceptional comic book leaves readers thinking not only about the story‚Äôs potential, but also the brilliance of what it has already delivered. Saga #1 is that kind of comic. From the beginning, it is obvious that... Continue Reading →

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