Take A Trip To Sidebar Nation

There are plenty of comics podcasts out there, but the guys behind the Sidebar Nation chatfest  — Dwight, Swain and Adrian — are some of the most knowledgeable, opinionated and flat-out funny geeks ever to rock the mic. We had the pleasure of meeting Dwight at Dragon*Con, and Swain moderated the excellent Dark Knight panel. Based out of Atlanta, the Sidebar Nation crew has interviewed some of the biggest names in comics, and their fandom runs deep. They’re super cool to boot, and I learn something every time I tune in. G3 chatted it up with the guys via e-mail, and they were kind enough to answer our nosy questions. If you haven’t listened to their podcast, check it out at their site or via iTunes. You’ll be glad you did. Continue reading “Take A Trip To Sidebar Nation”