G3 Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

With an aesthetic that falls somewhere between Game of Thrones and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and the Huntsman is a grotesque and gorgeous journey from dark to light. The austere imagery of costumes, creatures and landscapes, plus the physical performances, come together to make magic.

A white horse, black oil, a red rose. The snow-covered castle, the dark forest, drops of blood. The brilliant use of color contrast throughout the film is as much of a story as the script. Not only are the colors striking, but so is the breathtaking scenery of coastlines, castle-scapes, and forests.

From the sharp tips of the Evil Queen’s many crowns, down to the dirt in Snow White’s fingernails, the costume design is remarkable. Theron did well enough on her own, but her stunning gowns radiate wicked power and extravagance. Snow White’s tattered revision of the classic Disney costume added a hint of nostalgia while still being something one could flee through the forest in.

This is a fairy tale after all, and overt magic is where Snow White and the Huntsman goes more Wonderland than Westeros. But the overall darkness of the film gives the magical moments that much more of an impact. These moments are welcome bursts of quick pacing. Two hours is a long time to sit through a film where you already know the plot, and you’ve known it since the age of three. While the visual effects lend much to the enjoyment of the film, the performances carry the bulk of that burden. Continue reading “G3 Review: Snow White and the Huntsman”