V. reviews Superman/Wonder Wonder Woman #9

Great art can’t make up for poor plotting in Superman/Wonder Woman #9.

You know how much I love crossovers, right? In last week’s issue of Superman/Wonder Woman, the Superman: Doomed arc dominated its pages and not really in a good way. As is the case almost all of the time in a crossover event, you are missing key pieces when you don’t read all of the titles in order. So, there was that.  Continue reading “V. reviews Superman/Wonder Wonder Woman #9”

Wonder Woman Is …

The second installment of our “Wonder Woman Is… ” series where we talk about when creative teams got Diana right in an attempt to be constructive and hopefully inspire DC to take note.

Enduring DC’s lackadaisical treatment of the first lady of comics has been something of a challenge for me critically, and if I am being completely honest, emotionally as well. When I get all fired up, I say things like, DC Ruined Wonder Woman Twice in One Day. Sure, it’s alarmist… only in the sense that I was genuinely alarmed. I pissed a few folks off with that write-up.

It is true that I rather enjoy raising the fanboy cackle, but I did read some of the criticisms of my rant. One thing stood out as fair – I had not read Superman/Wonder Woman. While I was only commenting on the strangeness and absurdity of a variant cover, I figure if I am going to continue to malign DC’s current treatment of the character – I could consider more than just Azzarello’s run. (Again, if I am being completely honest, two of my best good friends also told me I might like. It did take two of them.)

I have now read all seven issues of Superman/Wonder Woman, and I liked it. Mostly. Continue reading “Wonder Woman Is …”